Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Nook Double

A gorgeous kitchen sink nook this morning. 
Loving those beautiful iridescent basket-weave tiles....
.... and the window framing is perfect... topped off with a little arch.

Here's a peek at more of the kitchen.... and another nook, a dining nook!
... and it's buttoned.. and bathed in sunlight!
Thank you to my reader for spotting this beauty and sending it my way!

We still have another week of school holidays to go. That third week makes all the difference. My boys are going to be really refreshed for Term 3. 

My big son has grown a whole foot size over the holidays...  I can't keep up with the clothing situation. I am sure the little one has grown heaps too but I am throwing hand me downs his way so I don't notice it as much as when I am continually having to buy clothes to fit the 'moving goal post' that is my big son.

The boys are heading down to Gran's mid week as I am off to Melbourne for a few days...... AND my New York countdown has begun. Three weeks yesterday... and counting. I am beyond excited.... but have so much work to do before I go. Step by step. I'm starting to miss my boys already. Swirling emotions.... but that's what life is all about.... fear, intrepidation, love, yearning, accomplishment, gratitude. It's all happening here. 

Happy Monday!


  1. Dont forget to bring coats and scarfs to Melbourne! The weather has been glorious...chilly, windy, sunny and just so Melbourne like.
    Mrs B xxx

  2. Hi A-M, I really really like those blue basket weave tiles. Sigh. Spent yesterday in display homes with a view to building and I am all dreamy today! Mx

  3. WOW!!!I Love those blue basket weave tiles!Wish I knew where to source those from just stunning!Have a gorgeous day xx

  4. Ooh, I could certainly live with a stunning kitchen like that, I imageine the same arch would be replicated with a concealed rangehood over the cook top, I seriously would like to see more of this one!!!
    My 9yr old has grown 3 shoe sizes in the past 6 months, so I feel your wallets pain, LOL!
    Im having a giveaway over at my blog if your keen!!
    have a great week!

  5. I love travelling, I need the break, but yet struggle to go without my kids. I am fine once I get there...but the lead up is horrible! I go through all of the emotions... I am planning a journey without them soonish...but keep talking myself out of it. I think they are less bothered by it than I am actually! I should just go!!!!!! Posts like this remind to JUST DO IT!

  6. Gorgeous kitchen! My kids would love to have a "booth" in our kitchen and tell me I need to do one if we ever build a house. It looks big enough to sit 8 of us cosily!

  7. Lucky boys having another week off. My three were moaning about having to go to school and kindy. So funny that the little one mimics the older two, because he loves kindy. xx

  8. Oh my gosh I can't believe that NYC is approaching so quickly. Will we still have our phone chat at some point? I'd love to talk with you. Was telling Will about your adventure this weekend while I was Stampede'ing in Calgary. Have a great week A-M!


  9. Loving that pastel blue tiling in the kitchen... I love how the sink is also inlayed and porcelin! What an excellent idea love it... x Cat!

  10. I am always playing catch up with the shoes. My oldest is stealthily outgrowing everything at a rate of knots.

    Have a great time in Melbourne and that three weeks is so gonna fly!


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