Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Nook

An 'elegant, under-the-stairs, upholstered, banquette nook' this morning. Very classy. I wonder if it is actually used, in any way, in real life though? Love the wall lamp. I have a similar one, in antique silver, in my shop. Also love the detail on the stairs too. Sigh.

This time next week, I will be waking up in New York. I will have one day in NYC, to get my bearings, before I head up to The Hamptons. I actually have 2 walking tours booked on my first day.... literally planning to hit the ground running.... well, walking. Over enthusiastic maybe.... but just in case I am full of beans, I booked one at 10am and one at 2pm. The 2pm one is in Greenwich Village. I think that's a great place to hang out for an afternoon and stare at the sun to get my pineal gland thinking it is not midnight back in Australia.

Lots to do this week. I have to collate all the wonderful emails and comments I have received from you into some sort of wish list/itinerary. I want to thank you for all your wonderful advice and if you have any more.... I am here... all ears... until early next Sunday! #beyondexciting

Happy Monday!


  1. I hope you will keep us posted while you're over there A-M !!!! I need my daily 'The House That A-M Built' fix - lol.

    1. Going to do my best Southies! ... although I am travelling very light with an old iPad and no computer... so blog posts could be very basic! I will be instagramming too! xx

  2. OH to go to the Hamptons would be fab..I'll have to get my fix tonight when I watch Revenge..
    I'm having a giveaway for Aussie bloggers if you'd like to pop over..xx

  3. Love the nook.

    I see a comfy telephone nook.

    Remember phones with cords?

    And only one phone in your house?


  4. A gorgeous nook. Have a wonderful time!

  5. lovely nook, have a great trip, i think that is very ambitious to do two walking tours on the day after you arrive ! We had a show booked on our second night in London and only could stay awake until intermission ! Jetlag is the pits !

  6. Do you have the comfy shoes situation sorted?
    I can't wait to hear all about the Hamptons, every little detail.

  7. Oh my, it is just sooo exciting. I would so love to visit the Hamptons. I'll have to make do with Revenge tonight instead. Fiona

  8. oh my lordy lord - I'm SOOOO EXCITED (and just as jealous) of your trip. Can't wait. I know you will keep us updated on the blog and instagram - ENJOY! x

  9. You are going to have so much fun and enjoy your trip! The weather is gorgeous here out in the eastern United States so you're in for a treat. I only wish my conference times overlapped with your visit times more - heading further east to New York sounds much more fun then heading back north to Edmonton. Talk with you soon!


  10. Stunning but as you say, is it just for looking at? I love the nailhead detail on the sofa, and the bamboo coffee table. Will have a think about some tips for NY and the Hamptons. #beyondjealous !!!!


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