Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Beauties and The Hampton Designer Showhouse

Ok, just one more day of it and then we'll talk about something else....... until I get there...... and then we'll talk about it all again. Jules expressed concern that the kitchen was a little basic in yesterday's rental, so I went looking for something a little more upmarket.... if that's possible!

This one's in Water Mill.

Just to get your bearings. 
I'll be staying in Southampton Village.

That was only the rear elevation, above.... this is the front. 

Kitchen not as basic, Jules?

This one's in Sagaponack, overlooking the pond.

I am particularly drawn to it's formal lounge room. 
I'm a big fan of the old fireplace, flanked by double hungs and window seats. 
That panelling!... or as they call it up there, 'those moldings/mouldings'!!!

Ceiling.... deep breaths.

Love the shower!

These are all rentals, around the $200K/month mark. Who does that? 

Ok... and I just happen to be in town at just the right time... for....
'The Hampton Designer Showhouse', in Water Mill.... presented by Traditional Home.

Beyond exciting.

This is it.

The Hampton Designer Showhouse, now in it's twelfth year, is a showcase for America's premiere design talent. Approximately 25 top interior designers and decorative artists have turned a lavish shingle style home into a decorating masterpiece. The list of participating designers is HERE.

I will be walking over broken glass to get there.... or riding a bike. I'm too scared to hire a car... and drive on the wrong side of the road... in New York traffic. Uh, uh... I'm brave... but not that brave. 

Happy Wednesday! How hard is it to get out of bed now that the school holidays have ended? I never thought I'd hear myself saying that! Who am I? I have learnt to sleep in! .... inspired by my teenage son!



  1. another gem! loving it...
    green with envy over your trip. thank goodness you are fantastic with posting photos and I'm sure we will all feel like we are there with you!
    keep the Hamptons rolling:-)

  2. sorry, just wanted to add, I wonder how your view of hampton's style will be once you've visited there. I'm sure there'll be stuff you never dreamed of!
    now, off the computer and off to work!

  3. Oh, I didn't know you Aussies drive on the "wrong" side of the road! LOL!

    Have fun on your trip - it seems so strange to have you here in The States.

  4. A-M maybe some of these are being rented out because their owners can't afford to live in them anymore. They're lovely and completely over the top. It's a really beautiful part of the world and I'm sure you're going to have an absolute blast over there.

    I really love the east coast of the US. It's a great place to visit...have a wonderful time

  5. Can't wait for you to share all your wonderful experiences and inspirations on your trip. My daughter left for Boston for a conference this morning and I am jealous, she is going sailing around Nantucket. Back to the paintbrush and dreams....

  6. OK that will do us...what's the monthly rent for this one? When can we have it?
    Perhaps a bloggy month?!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  7. Wow that is such fantastic timing. I am so excited for you lovely. This is going to be an amazing trip. Of course it would be better if you were taking me lol.

  8. Ok. Wow! This one will do for us. That kitchen is heaven on a Hamptons stick. Do you think the rug in the lounge will fit in your suitcase?

  9. 200k per month? Omg. Well.... That formal room and that huge bathroom could make it seem bearable. So dreamy.. You are going to have such a lovely time! Mxx

  10. A-M love all the photos you have shared lately. Have a great trip. Cant wait to see all the photos you take there! Safe travels... :)

  11. wow so beautiful! Love the twin sinks!


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