Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paris Perfect

I know I am in Melbourne and should be talking Melbourne stuff.... but I have been totally side tracked by this beauty that popped in to my inbox yesterday. Paris Perfect have a new apartment and her name is 'Margaux'. Oh, Margaux, Margaux, Margaux!

It is no secret (or maybe it is, as I can't remember posting about it?) that I stayed with 'Paris Perfect' when I went to Paris last year. I stayed in one of their apartments in the 7th arr and it was perfection, right down to the Nespresso pods and free phone calls to anywhere in the world (my boys got an hour and a half of my garble every night.... they probably played Nintendo through my blow by blow recounts of my daily Parisian adventures! "No, I'm still here Mum, keep going").

Look at 'Margaux' in all her Parisian spendour! I know I am only supposed to post no more than 5 photos per post, but I am going to break all Katrina's blog design rules this morning! Sorry pet!

Pop down to Rue Cler market and buy the freshest goodies to munch on in this gorgeous kitchen. You can get the most gourmet takeaways from street baked quails with the most glamorous vege dishes you have ever seen.... and I don't need to tell you about the baguettes... and the cheese...... or you can skip right out of this kitchen, down Rue St Dominique, to 'Cafe Constant' (Top Chef, Christian Constant's Cafe... he also has five star dining joints along the street too)... and savour the most delicious meals you will ever have under 16 Euros. Unheard of! Gourmet! I lived there. I turned up every afternoon at 4pm for lunch, after 8 hours of wandering, read my guide books, sipped my daily medicinal glass of red wine and scoffed.

I digress, back to Margaux....

... the glamour! Master bedroom.

Second bedroom.... but wait there's a third.

Two bathrooms and a bath! Unheard of!

There's even a TV room.

I mean, seriously!

And don't be fooled into thinking that the place is never as good as the photos. My place was. Better than the photos. And if you don't need a whopping big place like gorgeous 'Margaux'... they have teeny, tiny loft-ish places too. You can see 'Margaux' HERE.

I did not get paid for this post. They don't even know I am writing about them. Maybe I need to tell them!... and tell them about all the readers I have referred to them... and maybe, just maybe, I could take my boys to Paris and 'Margaux' could be ours for a whole week! 

'Margaux', I will meet you one day. If I talk about you enough, you will become a self fulfilling prophecy. Life works like that I reckon. My friends and I did throw your name around a bit at the blackjack table last night! "C'mon 'Margaux'!"

Happy Thursday, I'm off to some appointments in Australia's little Paris, Melbourne..... I was thinking that the Yarra was looking a little bit like the Seine last night, with it's leafless trees filled with sparkling lights.

Have a great day!


  1. How gorgeous, wish I was there now x

  2. Beyond stunning! What can I say, one day, one day, maybe I could be this lucky?

  3. What a gorgeous place, so 'quintessential French'….which is exactly what you want when you are in France. xToni

  4. That balcony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Only had time this morning for one blog read and am so glad I chose your! What a gorgeous place and my mind is so much happier seeing the pretty pics and dreaming now of Paree!

  6. 5 photos... psh! My favorite blogs are occasionally (often?) HEAVY on gorgeous photos and I LOVE them... yours especially. I love when you share gorgeous interiors or lovely pics of your boys being boys.

  7. It looks fabulous. I will be reciting 'Margaux' as I drift off to sleep.

    Thanks for the introduction!

  8. Wow! Inspirational photos I love lots of eye candy too, have a wonderful time in Melbourne.:)

  9. I too have stayed in a Paris Perfect apartment and it truly was perfect! Every time I see a post about one of their lovely rentals or I get an email from them it makes me want to pack my bags and run straight to the airport! Maybe we should just plan to meet up in Paris one day...any old excuse to get there will do! ;-)


  10. That is just swoony! I am in love! I will have to remember this place if I ever get my coveted trip to paris!

  11. Oh how I really, really, really want to go there. The interiors are just gorgeous!

  12. Oooh la la! Yes please....

  13. Oh one day, I will stay somewhere like that. So much better than a hotel. It would feel like living there for short time.

  14. Oh just magnificent, all of it, but that little pop of red in the bedroom totally blew me away. xx

  15. Hi A-M, I'm commenting from near Ubud, Bali! Sitting on the desk overlooking rice fields and listening to frogs and raindrops. Divine.
    I love this post you have done. The kitchen makes me so happy mainly because when I was designing my French kitchen I wanted a French range hood and I drew on up and the builder and I built it together. And it's identical to this one, so happy I got this detail right. I hadn't seen one as plain as this but I knew I wanted one that reminded me of the French dormer windows.
    Hope you are going well.
    All the best

  16. Oh just SO
    ps I can never stay with the blog rules on photos :o

  17. hey a-M, i didnt know you stayed with paris perfect! They're brilliant arent they?! I stayed in 'cabernet', and it was amazing! xx

  18. I am off to Paris in a fortnight ... wish I had known about Paris Perfect before I booked my hotel ... oh well next time. Great tips on where to eat though ... thanks!

  19. More than 5 photos drives me crazy - but not today. Thanks for breaking the rules:)

  20. We stayed with Paris Perfect too! Our original booking with another provider fell through and I'd seen a recommendation on Cote de Texas' blog. Paris Perfect not only saved us from huddling in a doorstep, they gave us a wonderful true to life Parisian experience ... The apartment was just gorgeous right down to the little details and even my tough audience tweens loved it .. wish I was there right now ...


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