Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pretty Bathroom

Let's start off today with this rather fabulous bathroom I found over at Graciela Rutlowski Interiors.
A gorgeous mirror, funky wallpaper and some pretty lights.... and it's all over Red Rover!

I've done my run.... in my PJ's.. .. well my PJ top, over my running gear ... as it was so cold and I didn't care what I looked like. You guessed it.... ran into someone I knew.... even with my hat sitting low enough to cover my face. "Hi A-M".... I knew it! Murphy's Law.

Oh, and head on over to 'French Navy' as they are having a sale, just for my readers!
Enter 'fnht' at the checkout to receive 20% off all boxed stationery. HERE.

Ferrying children around today. They have such a fabulous social life!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love French Navy! There's something I like about this bathroom but I think the wallpaper closes it in a bit although I like the design of it and I can see it working. Hm it is elegant that's for sure!

  2. Loving that wallpaper, it changes the whole room. I had to laugh at your 'natural look' then seeing someone you know. It's always the way. I am still sitting here in my gym clothes on the laptop with the kids. Yes, I have the natural look happening too. I couldn't get my tinted moisturised on my face with freezing cold hands, heck it's 4c here!

  3. Pretty indeed! I Love that wallpaper! and it's in my favourite colour I'm also loving those lights! Have a Gorgeous day A-M xx

  4. Yes isn't that always the way? You run into someone you know when you look like crap and it's usually someone you haven't seen for ages! Oh and I was only saying yesterday that my children have better social lives than I do. xT

  5. That wallpaper is the shizz. It's amazing. I think I need it for a feature wall!

    K xx

  6. I seriously love that wallpaper!

  7. This is simply lovey and I really like the color. That bathroom looks precious and very elegant.I am living in a
    condo right nowand I am planning to move on in a simple house. Big thanks for sharing this with us.


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