Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quick, Have I Forgotten Anything?

I've been awake since 2am #insomnia #devilswork Ref: Faux Fuchsia, 2010 At 2am it was 9am in LA and 12pm in New York. Maybe my body is responding to my fear of impending jetlag and it's getting me adjusted now? If I only I had the sun to stare in to at 2am. Anyway, I am awake for the Olympics Opening Ceremony so that's a gift with purchase with the insomnia.

Can you believe I am still going to be working today? I thought I'd shut up shop yesterday but I had some pleading emails from customers, "please, please one more before you go". I stood firm and said no, when the first two came in, and then I caved at the third. I'd mentally left work but I suppose I am opening the shop for a few hours this morning. #dedicated

Ok, so these are my belongings for the next few weeks. Everything fits into a carry-on sized bag which I have placed into a larger suitcase, that will all be checked in luggage. My little one said last night, when he was marvelling at my packing prowess, "is that big suitcase for all our presents?". Where'd he hear that? Who said anything about presents?

And just so you believe me.... there are 5 frocks under the top stuff, not including the one I am wearing on the plane with a light jacket. There's also one pair of slacks, 2 tops, 2 little scarves, a running outfit, jammies, underwear, a spare pair of shoes and a little bag of miscellaneous stuff.. medicine, some accessories etc, hairdryer.... and a tiny little flat leather day backpack lying at the bottom of it all!

I am taking all my toiletries on the plane with me, as they fit into the 20 x 20 <100ml allowance.... and then the rest in my carry-on is:

*a money neck thingy - I don't do the belt thing, too hard with frocks
*inflatable travel pillow
*VISA Cash Passport
*Visa credit card
*travel insurance policy number and helpline
*portable iPhone battery
*phone to iPad adapter
*phone/iPad charger/cord
*socket converter
*TSA padlock - in a bright colour so I can recognise my bag
*hand-wipes and tissues
*spare glasses
*'origami good luck charm thingy', made with love by my little one last night

I am just going to take my little carry on bag with me on the bus to the Hamptons on Tuesday and leave the big suitcases at the hotel back in NYC. I am only up there for 3 days so I won't need much at all.

I'm doing the iPhone photo thing, like I did with Paris.... no big chunky cameras to carry. I might throw in my 'building site' handbag camera for insurance... if I can find it? I can't download the photos from it to my iPad (it's an old number) so it would be an emergency camera only if I lost my iPhone. 

That's it. Done. I'm ready... apart from work.... I just have to do the ironing today and clean the toilets and I'm ready to get on that plane guilt free tomorrow. I'll be switching over to my travel sim on my phone tonight. I spent all day yesterday getting it working... not for the faint hearted... and I am only using it for instagram when I am not around free Wi-Fi. Emails, 'attempted blogging' and skype phonecalls to the boys will be done via the free hotel Wi-Fi. 

What a big week. I'm looking forward to a good rest on the plane. I'll be leaving early tomorrow morning so I will say farewell now and catch you on the other side (of the world)!

Miss you already,



  1. Hi A-M, have a wonderful, wonderful time! See you when you get back. xxx

  2. you sound very organised- have fun!

  3. You're going to have such a fabulous time!! Looks like you've got everything sorted. Enjoy!!

  4. Wow A.M. have a wonderful time...I will savour every moment as you show us how magnificent it is! It will be like a virtual holiday for us back in Oz.....Thanks for taking us on your journey X

  5. The most exquisite packing I have ever witnessed! You will have a marvellous time, and you deserve it.

  6. Oh Anne-Maree, I hope you have the most amazing time!! Can't wait to hear/read all about your adventures. :) Lee (the crazy woman who talked at you at your shed a few weeks ago) :)

  7. Travel safe A-M, will follow as you share from the other side...
    Just one more thing, it is always good to leave a photocopy of your pasport at home, as well as extra one in your luggage...
    Another tip- take photo of luggage that you check in, it has helped me on two occasions when luggage got lost to show officials what it looks like.
    Love to you Colette x

  8. Enjoy A.M have a super time & safe journey :)

  9. All looks great! Have a lovely time and can't wait to read your posts from NY! Mxx

  10. So excited for you. Have a wonderful time A-M. And tread carefully if opening any of your toiletries in tubes in the plane. They have a tendency to squirt out at high altitude....especially foundation.

  11. Bon Voyage A-M! Savour the moments and have a wonderful time xx Best wishes to the boys too.

  12. Oh Sweetheart, have a fabulous time. I can't wait to hear from you next. Bon voyage! J x

  13. Have a great time!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it, especially the Hamptons!!!! XXX

  14. Have fun you lucky girl. Glad to hear your shop is busy as many are not which is a worry. Fiona

  15. Glad to see you roll your clothes and not fold, so much more can fit in if you roll and they don't get as many creases. I just got back from the UK and I have the travel bug. Very envious of you. Have a wonderful time. xToni


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