Saturday, August 4, 2012


Sorry I have been missing in action for the past few days! It was such a rush getting back to 'the city' (as the 'Hamptonites' call it) from East Hampton......trains, a car ride to the bus, the Jitney bus through afternoon peak hour NY traffic and then a walk with my suitcase 10 blocks to my hotel!

Whilst I'd been whistling with the birds, on my bike in the Hamptons, Katrina and her hubby ('Mr Chambo', for literary embellishment of this story ..... and others to come) had been working on becoming slick NYC locals, in the mere 48 hours they'd been here. Ask them anything and they'll tell you! Number of police in the NYPD? ... 35,000, Katrina blurts out. How much does it cost to have a billboard on that tower in Times Square? 1 million a month, says Mr Chambo proudly....."....and it's 'M&M World', not the M&M shop, he corrects me with disgust. Being such locals, they took me to their favourite pizza restaurant, 'Johns' on 44th? .... I'll be corrected if I'm wrong. Big statement coming......they were the best pizzas I have ever eaten...and my fellow 'locals' agreed. The pizzas were the size of car wheels of course we ordered two and laughed when they were if we could eat all that!!! We did. With one piece to spare.

Yeah, the President addressed us. Blogging is big here, even the President's wife blogs!

So we're in the thick of Blogher now, with one more day to go. I don't know how to explain it......hmmm, we're miles behind in Oz? The panel presentations are slick and professional and loaded with content. The panellists are women with careers in finance and technology. They speak so eloquently and with such confidence. Katrina and I could not get our notes down fast enough and kept looking at each other wide eyed. So this is what it is like in the real world!!!!! I want to be a blogger!!!!! A real one!!!!!

We had a chuckle when we arrived for the first session. Assuming that it would be like Australian blogging conferences where you have to be feral and sit on the floor, as there is never enough seating in sessions, we arrived early (after actually running like women possessed) to an empty room and sat right up the front, nerd style. There is no writing paper supplied here, I guess because everyone is so teched up they don't need it, so Katrina and I scrounged around for something to write on and this is the best we could come up with..for both of share. We thought it wildly hysterical and all the Americans arriving around us though it was hysterical too. We had everyone scrounging around for paper for us.........great ambassadors for Australian bloggers we are...and to top it off, believe it or not, we both arrived with our iPads just about to run out of power!...with no charging cords.....and we didn't realise that every table had a power outlet for devices so you would never have to run out of power in a session ever.

An impromptu Martha!
We skipped out at morning tea, to Katrina's nearby hotel to grab a charging cord and ran smack bang into Martha Stewart on our way back into the bloggie hotel! She was getting miked up for her presentation so we stood staring at her like star struck galahs...yelling out, "Martha, Australia loves you" ....with Martha replying, "and I love Australia back".

She was eloquent and funny and entertaining and inspiring to listen to, in her interview on stage. She has so many things on the go! You could see her mind scheming up the next big thing as she spoke! .....and she gave us all a free subscription to all her online magazines.....all 5000 of us". We screamed and whooped like Americans! A magical moment .... Magical Moment Number 734 ..on this journey.

Now I'd love to chat more but it will have to wait, as I am heading off to day two of Blogher. Will be back with more tomorrow. I went on a night double decker bus tour with The Chambos last night and slept so well after it, I actually slept in this morning! Unheard of.

Back soon,

A-M xx



  1. When you mentioned Martha announcing her online magazine subscription gift I have pictures of you sitting in amongst one of Oprah's "Favourite Things" episodes! Whoop whoop alright!!! Looking forward to the next post ...

  2. Just picturing you two Trying to come up with writing implements and the rest of your table wondering what the crazy Australians are up to. Good to see you got some sleep....xx

  3. A-M, your pix are fab! Stay cool.

    How about Martha's 71st birthday yesterday! Whoa. Love her outfit.

  4. ha,ha! Love it! its not so bad coming from our little backwater, but it must be a real eye opener! Have a blast, you can educate us all when you get back!

  5. Hahaha I'm imagining you girls scrounging for writing paper to the amusement of the other ladies. Got to laugh but hey that's what makes us Aussies so endearing.
    Yep my head would be in overload with all that blog info.

  6. So glad you are enjoying BlogHer. Loving your photos xT

  7. It sounds like you're having the time of your life! Keep the reports coming.

  8. So jealous you saw Martha close up! Exult the Domestic God!

    Excellent re sleep. Insomnis is the Work of the Devil.

    Lookingnforward to catching up in real life and hearing all your stories on your return. I'll bring the booze.


  9. I can seriously see this trip becoming a annual event.....
    Pen x

  10. So happy you are keeping us involved in this trip! Just love hearing about it all, A-M. Every bit!
    Glad you finally got some sleep. Take care, x

  11. So much fun and excitement! I'm stalking your Instagram/Twitter/FB updates.... ;)

  12. Thanks for following along girls. Xx

  13. I have loved this trip with you! What an amazing will have to tech us all up when you get back =0)
    Have fun.
    Ness xx

  14. Nearly fell off my chair when I spied a casual shot of Martha thrown in there! Talk about exciting.

  15. Oh it all sounds so fantastic...good on you!xoxo

  16. Martha is rockin' it! I would have paid money just to see you and Katrina scrambling for paper - I bet you girls were chortling, fit to kill.

    Am having a ball reading your stylish NYC adventures. I didn't make it to the Hamptons with I did NYC - hubby and I went crazy in Vegas instead! Just as good, but in a different, less classy, more "fried food-consuming/boozing/gambling" kind of way... Enjoy! xx


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