Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farewell New York

It's a beautiful morning in New York, this morning. I have an hour until my driver picks me up for the airport so I am going to make the most of the free Wi Fi and battle Blogsy to get my last New York post up before I leave.

I'm a bit sad and telling everyone I am. All the concierge have offered to trade places with me. They all seriously want to see Australia, most of them, having only ever known New York as home.

So I went for my last run in beautiful Central Park...

Said bye to Alice....


....and all the beautiful spots I have enjoyed daily during my time here.

The running tracks were beautiful. I never felt unsafe. It's such a magical place to explore (photo taken while running hence blurriness!).

Bye cute little squirrels!


I headed back to my hotel via E 78th street for just one more dose of the gorgeous architecture.

Flowers and cast iron. The perfect mix!
My driver's here. I still haven't told you about my yesterday. I'll try to do something with the free WiFi in LA. I will have 4 hours to kill in the middle of my night tonight!

Until then, have a great Tuesday. It's just Monday here!

A-M xx


  1. America will miss you! Safe travels and hope you come back again. Maybe Chicago next time?

  2. I have been so enjoying your posts A-M! (especially your perseverance in bringing them to us!!) I am so looking forward to when it is my turn in October...

  3. I have enjoyed touring NY with you A-M!

  4. Great photos, even the running shot isnt too bad! Central Park is gorgeous, the buildings are lovely, all the beautiful iron work and greenery, ahh to spend some time there would be wonderful, have a good trip home, the weather here is fantastic, blue skies and 20c !

  5. What beautiful photos and such wonderful memories you will take home with you. Travel safe. xToni

  6. A-M, you completely juiced New York!! Thank you for persevering with technical issues to get through. S.

  7. Hey A-M! I arrived in NY a few days ago so am going through your old posts for inspiration on what to do here. Sounds like you had a blast x


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