Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Nook

I am slowly easing back into normal life, now that I am kicking this Northern Hemisphere bug, and embracing the exciting changes in my life as we come together as a family again! Thank you for all your beautiful comments on my post on Saturday. They brought tears to my eyes. I am so delighted to be able to share my happy news with you all.

I thought I'd start back afresh with my usual Monday Nook, but this Monday the images are my very own!!!....taken during my visit to the Hampton Designer Showhouse in Southampton, Long Island, a few weeks ago. I plan to share all of my photos from this beautiful home over time. Each room deserves its own special post.

This little nook was found in 'The Den', a transitional room between the kitchen and the Great Room, overlooking the magnificent deck, pool house and lush, green grounds. The Den was designed by Kate Singer, from Kate Singer Home, in an ethereal palette reflecting hues of the sky, the beach and the sand.

I loved the blues used in the gallery wall.....which mixed with the neutrals and different textures in the room so beautifully.....wicker chairs, linen sofa, suede Tiffany handbag!, marble lamp, VJ type panelling! denim ottomans and of course the coral! The colour scheme really created a relaxed feel to the room. Very coastal! ....just as I had imagined Southampton would be! I wanted to flop right down on that sofa and put my feet up. A perfect sitting room for after breakfast perhaps, where one could do their daily blogging and perusal of the day's agenda....or maybe it's just the perfect spot for a cup of morning tea?

You can just see a glimpse of the beautiful Kelly Whearstler curtains that framed the enormous picture window ....that looked out onto the enormous deck! The chair in the previous image was Kelly fabric too. The deck is to come in a future post! It will stop your heart. Promise.
Loved the herringbone weave ottoman. Oh I drank this beautiful room I did every room...hence I stayed for hours!

The Hampton Designer Showhouse is still open until September the 3rd. It's at 80 Flying Point Rd, Water Mill, NY....literally a 10 minute bike ride from Southampton Village... if you're that way inclined. I was! Rocked up with bike helmet hair, bike riding thongs (or flip flops for the non Australians), landed on the porch and announced that I had come all the way from Australia to see the The Hampton Designer Showhouse! Of course I got in for free with my declaration of geographical dedication! Thank you Mary! They even had the gate boy look after my bike for me while I socialised with all the beautifully dressed Southampton ladies who kept their watchful eyes on each room.

I have to tell you about the kitchen next! When they heard I'd come all the way from Australia they gave Mr Bakes, the kitchen designer, a call he was in town .....and he came up to meet me and tell me all the kitchen goss. It was beyond exciting. I tell you, it was so hard to leave that place. Blog stories for a year!

Happy Monday!

A-M xx

PS. Look! I'm still persisting with my love-hate relationship with Blogsy. I have been avoiding my laptop as when I open it, it says I have 3479 emails to tend to. I kid you not. I am starting them in 5 minutes. Lighting orders first! ...if I can weed them out! Serves me right for leaving the country for almost 3 weeks!

PPS The links don't work, so here they are:

Ok, I'm going back to the laptop...where the photos load, the links work and the formatting doesn't have a mind of it's own!


  1. Absolutely dreamy.
    We had better finish off the dribble in our Bombay Sapphire bottle poste haste as I now have other plans for it.

  2. Love the den! The gallery wall is just beautiful and I love how the "sand" is at your feet!

  3. Oh my good luck with those emails A-M!!

  4. I love the unabashed and beautiful blue gin bottles: morning tea?

  5. I want that den! Seriously though, that wall of art is great - it's just given me the inspiration for my son's room redo as I notice that so much of his art has that beautiful blue. Have fun with all those emails, make sure you have a celebration when you get through them! Rx

  6. Timeless Blue, sisal rug, herringbone fabric, Kelly Wearstler, classic architecture....sigh....just beautiful, A-M.
    Love that wall of art, too - especially the inclusion of a little convex mirror (but is there ever a wrong spot for a convex mirror?)
    Hope you continue to feel better. I can feel the calmness in your post. So happy for you. Take care, x

  7. Hi A.M Just caught up with your last few posts (been busy rehearsing) well I just want to say how happy I am for you all, I bet the boys are over the moon. You have proved to be such a strength of character & picked yourself up wonderfully from your sad days (I don't think I could have) what you have achieved over this last year is amazing, you deserve great things here's to the start of many wonderful years to come. :) x

  8. fabulous news of your most romantic proposal, how lovely! Love the gin bottles, the blue is gorgeous with the seagrass matting, its all very nice!

  9. The blue tones are just lovely, perfect for our Queensland climate. Love the coral too.

  10. HAve you ever watched The Barefoot Contessa food show? With Ina Garten? She lives in the Hamptons and her house is almost identical to that one! A lot of you photos from The Hamptons put me in mind of her shows :)

  11. Hope the Ladies kept their eyes on that handbag...Mmmm

    How on earth are you going to process those emails. Staggering amount! That wasn't helpful was it.

  12. How thrilling to be posting photos of Hamptons houses that you've taken yourself, having actually been there. So exciting.

  13. That was my favorite room!! Flying point is "my beach". I loved seeing your posts & how much you enjoyed the east coast. It was lovely to read of your romantic welcome home.


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