Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Most Favourite Store Ever

I know. Big statement. But true. 

Their most unassuming website does not prepare one for the real life experience.

I didn't even get to the furniture...

... I just wept over the lights.

Every style you could imagine....

... all there in the one magical emporium.

It truly was an 'Aladdin's Cave'.

People were so calm walking around... as if it was nothing to them....
..... like it's normal to have all this choice!!!!!....

.....at these prices. Weep.

My legs were weak after the whole, emotionally draining experience.
The doorman had a giggle and offered me a chair.
I felt like Crocodile Dundee.

It is 7.03am and I am in 'the shed'. Tuesdays are like that. Guitar Ensemble at 7am so shed at 7.01am
Unpacking some new goodies. After my ABC Carpet and Home experience I am so inspired to expand my range.... as best I can.... here.... in this lighting wasteland we call Australia.

Starting today.

Stay tuned!



  1. It was my favourite too! I wrote a post about it...including shots of me shedding a few tears!

    1. Ha,ha I am so pleased to hear I was not the only Australian to set foot in that place and burst into tears! Wasn't it heavenly?!! The photos don't do it justice. I just stood at the front and drank it all in, shaking my head. It's so delicious to be that surprised when you walk into a store! A-M xx

  2. Yes, isn't ABC Carpet & Home something! Did you have coffee in the amazing ground floor restaurant?

  3. Hi A-M,
    Are there any issues with converting US lights to Aust lights? Any tips you can give us?

  4. Looks fantastic, is it the import duty that drives our prices up? I've been searching for a few and they are sooo expensive :( I thought I would have a go at making some!

  5. I think of Australia as a "lighting desert". There's nothing. Except for your on-line shop. Good on you for expanding your beautiful range further.

  6. OMG !!!!!!! Where do you start ????
    My brain would be so over-stimulated taking it all in, I'd become catatonic !

  7. Wow talk about spoilt for choice, no wonder you became emotional. xT

  8. Not just ABC but so many stores in the US. Australia is definately a 'lighting desert' as well as a 'soft furnishings desert' which personally breaks my heart.
    Loveley pics A-M, keep them coming.

  9. I can totally understand why you've experienced post NY blues. Returning to Aus and it's meagre offerings are not helping.
    I'm thinking the organisation of a shipping container before a trip to NY is a good idea :-))

  10. just beautiful A-M and such a choice for every single thing. you must have been in heaven!

  11. Wow A-M! You could easily get swept up and lost in that lovely store. I can understand why you were weak at the knees! Ange

  12. Shopping in general is exciting over there! You certainly found some beauties.

  13. I couldn't agree more about the lack of lighting options in Australia! Every time I watch an o/s home design show, I get a little more envious. That shop looks so nice! I think I could spend a fortune in there.

  14. Have you thought of designing and making your own?!!!!
    In three of our homes we had the most fabulous industrial lights made by a designer in Brisbane (Cannot remember, or find her name anywhere!!!!!) They were fabulous and she had made them because she couldn't find what she liked anywhere else.
    Just a thought!!! xx

  15. What an amazing shop - I would have been totally overwhelmed and overcome too! My kitchen lights look very similar to the ones you have photographed here with a price tag of 140 USD. I paid $500 here for what looks to be an almost identical light :(

  16. I know what you mean... that store is the best! Looking forward to your new ideas... sounds like an exciting project... xv

  17. We loved ABC too. Did you go up to the upper floors? And the sister store across the road? I spent hours in the sister store looking at Madeline Weinrib rugs. They were much cheaper there than the main store (for some reason?).

    New York is too, too beautiful for words at times.

  18. So glad you loved ABC as much as me. The ground floor is always like a wonderland to me. The visual merchandising stunning. I have bought so many beautiful things there, and discovered John Robshaw in the sheet department too. I always tell people to go there, but until you do see it first hand you can't appreciate the beauty or uniqueness of it. I am amazed you were able to take those photos, because whenever I have been there, they have security who pounce on anybody with a camera. When I was there last year I went up to the 4th floor with all the linen, and a couple had their huge dog with them, and he did a doggy dump in the middle of the manchester department on the white painted floor right next to a fluffy white rug. It was hysterical seeing all these sales assistants rushing around trying to clean it up. Only in NY could you be rich enough or arrogant enough to take a dog into a department store and let it shit on the sheets! PS thanks for tip re shutters

  19. Dear A-M
    Ok, this is the final straw! My partner says I will be banned from reading your blog until you stop posting these New York brags lolololol.... there is just tooooo much drool on my desk and he is sick of having to listen to..." Oh but you would LOVE it there darling" comments.
    Just kidding really, he actually WOULD love it just as much as me .. and you ,quite obviously. Yours with much envy..... Lisa ;)

  20. I just love you! You are so adorable with your enthusiasm and your love of NY!
    Christy from Chicago


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