Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New York, I Seriously Love You To Bits

How about two of these, one either side of my future front door....instead of the topiaries? Ha!

Having much trouble getting a post up. As much as I would love to load up hundreds of photos of this beautiful city, the Blogsy app keeps crashing and it takes soooo long to do a post..and I find I swear a lot when I lose everything I have just spent half an hour doing! Curse, curse, curse. The walls are blushing!

Alice in Wonderland, Central Park

Just quickly, we had the most wonderful day yesterday. A very active day... what day isn't in NYC? We walked 20 blocks to start The Highline walk, did the beautiful walk, caught the subway up to Central Park and spent the next 2 hours riding these really dodgy street hawker bikes around the whole park.....in INTENSE heat. 3 gallons of fluid in, no fluid out sorta heat. Intense!

I left Katrina, 'blister girl', and her hubby to hobble back to their hotel and I took a walk down Broadway. I can't get enough of it. Whenever I have to walk up or down town, I always go via Broadway.
Then for dinner we dined in a diner where aspiring singers and actors entertain you with their song whilst serving you. They are graduates waiting for their big break on Broadway...and they get there, most of them .....through being discovered at this fabulous diner. I could have sat there all night! Their voices!!! As soon as this gorgeous guy started singing Anthony Warlow's 'This Is The Moment', I was a mess.

The crowning moment of the day was when I scored a ticket to my most coveted Broadway show. They are booked out for 2 years but I got one! Don't ask me how. Row 4, best seat in the house. Tonight. Be still heart.
I am rushing off to nowhere now. I'm giving myself an unstructured day where I am going to start at a point and plan to end at another...and see what happens in between.

Back soon,

A-M xx



  1. On the 19th of December 2009 I wrote my third post ever and I received a comment first one not from a daughter! That first loved, read and reread for days comment was from you!!!! I have been an incredibly faithful and appreciative follower ever since and now here I am travelling through New York with you...and I didn't ever think it would get better than Sundays in Paris!!!! Have a blast at the performance tonight xx

  2. I was first in NY 19 years ago, fresh out of Uni with a backpack and a Let's go USA. So funny to think how much travel has changed since then...It is the constant buzz of NY which I recall so vividly. I'm dying to go back. I've enjoyed all the posts between you, Katrina and the other Aussie bloggers.
    I still remember touring the UN, MOMA and chilling in Strawberry Fields in Central Park. Great memories!

  3. oh you love to rub it in don't ya babe - fly me over there now scotty! :)

    so glad you're loving it, it would be a shame to not...

    Can't wait for your next post update!


  4. I love New York too,
    and I wish to visit again with my son and hubby.
    Those are pretty lovely pics.

  5. I'm loving all of your NYC updates - it makes me very excited about my trip in a few months. However, I'm not managing to get to the Hamptons (much to my disappointment after your posts). I'm going to be staying across the road from the New York Public Library - and will definitely be venturing inside after seeing your instagram photographs!! Enjoy the rest of your trip - and any must-see suggestions gratefully received!!

  6. thanks for sharing your trip with us - green with envy!

  7. By the time you read this - you will be getting ready for your theatre night - can't wait to hear what it is! Loving your posts as usual and can't wait for the next one! Rx

  8. I know I've said it before, A-M, but I am just drinking up your enthusiasm and loving sharing this trip with you! I can feel your joy and appreciation coming through every post. I feel like we are there with you!
    How wonderful you were able to get a ticket to "The Book of Mormon"! I am so thrilled for you - sure it will be (or was by now!) wonderful. What a special night to add to your memories.
    Keep well and looking forward to hearing more! xx

  9. You sound like you are having such a wonderful time. Thank you for going through the pain and frustration of Blogsy so we can follow your holiday from here. Enjoy the show. xToni

  10. Cant wait to hear all about The book of Mormon.
    Friends went last year and ended up scoring another ticket, so they went twice.
    I have enjoyed your NY blogs so very much.....
    Pen x

  11. This city looks amazing! Green with envy. Enjoy! G.x

  12. So glad you got to that diner as it sounded amazing!

    The best bits of travel are all the intangibles. Loving your story so far and so happy for you A-M!!

  13. Oh i love that - rushing off to nowhere - you are like a giddy school girl in the big city!! Wow, love Posie

  14. What a time you're having! My daughter's in the US and heads to NYC in a few weeks, have passed on your tip re the Stardust Diner. Thanks!

  15. Oh I want the statues of liberty instead of the topiaries. Top idea! Enjoy your rushing to nowhere in particular! x


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