Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Random Thoughts

Still dreaming of that magical place... to the left of the clouds, in the grainy image above. 
See Central Park? ... the big black space amongst the grainy buildings?


When you ask for cream cheese... you get CREAM CHEESE! 
They take their cream cheese very seriously.

My boys would eat well if they went to school there!

I could go a seriously good Hollandaise right about now. 
Anyone do delivery to work sheds?

I can't bring myself to do a run yet. I am blaming the jetlag...... maybe it's just that it's not Central Park.

I should have had breakfast before I did the shed thing.

Sliding doors.
What if?

I could seriously live in the The Mark Hotel in New York permanently.
I fleeced a bar of their soap that I am using at home now. 
If I close my eyes, the scent takes me back there.

Or living here would do just fine.

This was the powder room in my suite. Did I tell you they upgraded me to a suite?
Oh yes, the travel gods shone on me!

Dietitians look away now.
'Shake Shack', I do miss you.

Oh the goodies they have over there.

Thank goodness I had my beautiful family to come home to or I wouldn't have come home.
How long does this post travel depression thing take to wear off?
I've got it bad.

A-M xx



  1. What???? OPI for $9.95 how does it get to be twice that by the time it gets here ? Hope reality isn't to mean to you today LOL.

  2. took me weeks, but making a photo book helped re-live it...now I just bore whoever I meet with it page by page!!!

  3. travel depression takes a while to pass.

    $9 OPI! It's $20 here- do they fly it out 1st class on a flatbed or something?

    Mum's just back from London where she was SHOCKED at how cheap everything was especially food and groceries.

    Enjoying the photos x

  4. Maybe a honeymoon in New York to look forward to??

    1. Oh God.......what a brillliant idea !! I concur !!

  5. I could live there too! They might have to change their loos first, come to think of it. Freaked me out that they fill first before they empty...why??

    Prices are phenomenal over there. We are such a small, captive market.

  6. Loving the photos!

    Did you stock up on OPI?

    Interesting to see that they've run out of Bubble Bath & Heart Throb. My two favourite your-nails-but-better colours :)


  7. yeah i saw the opi at the counter in Heathrow for the same price! About 2 weeks for the post travel blues :)

  8. If you are anything like me the travel depression won't wear off until you have started researching and paid a deposit for your next trip.
    Congratulations on your second engagement ! How exciting for you all.

  9. I found OPI at Duane Reade over there for $8.50! I went into a Chemist here this morning and saw then for $21.50. CRIMINAL.

    1. I'm so depressed about not being in New York anymore, I am sitting in my shed, packing up orders with a slide show of NY playing on my computer.... complete with sad, whistful music Tragic. Criminal. A-M xx

  10. I think the post-trip blues last about a fortnight - but the wonderful memories & feelings will be there forever. Which is why travel is so wonderful! x

  11. unfortunately PHD could take a good few days or weeks to shake, depending on how often you look at your travel photos! ;)

  12. Ladies! Wholesale Beauty Supplies that are open to the public! I pay $10.95 for OPI and $6.95 for China Glaze in Melbourne. Don't buy it retail!! There are ways to avoid paying $20 for OPI! Let your fingers do the walking.... lol!

  13. The world can be your oyster AM. You've got what it takes. Draw some inspiration from Australia Unlimited (Austrade) stories of Aussies doing great things OS. http://www.australiaunlimited.com/ I can see you featured here some day. As I once read on your blog, when you came down my way on a ski trip, ...'these are the best years of our life'. That thought has stayed with me all these years. Dream on! Deb x

  14. Sometimes it could last a full year. Good thing there's Chicago next year ;). Isn't blogging the best way to re-live those memories though? That's how Will and I got hooked. I hope you're on the mend A-M......


  15. I dont think it will go away darl. Sorry. You left your heart there. You will have to go back and get it maybe???

  16. Come back A-M... And bring your boys. The U. S. of A misses you!!!! And you didnt even get to experience New England.... I promise you you would not leave 💓 if you saw NE!!!

  17. I am a New Yorker that is now living in France. Your last few posts just gave me a big dose of homesickness!

    I am so happy that you enjoyed your time in the amazing places NY has to offer.

    And...for the love of a house is right....New England is amazing, especially in the fall. I miss driving down leaf strewn lanes, shopping in flea markets and small antique shops, apple picking and heading out in to the pumpkin patches most of all!!!!


  18. wish I'd read this blog post before I came, would have brought you a bacon and egg wrap instead of the muffin. love your shed you glamorous thing.
    i think you'll be able to live vicariously off your photos and blog posts for a good while yet!
    cheers Fiona

  19. I don't think I'll ever get tired of your New York pics. I just showed my teenage daughter the pic of the OPI price and she wanted to cry. Wow, we get ripped off here. She is now wishing she bought up big when we were in the US last year. You might like a lady on instagram that I'm following. She's a hamptons local - "kdhamptons". I thought I'd suggest it in case you need a daily fix! lol. It is on my bucket list to tour that whole area.

  20. Bagels! Weren't they just divine! You know I am obsessed...

  21. A-M,
    I just can't wait to see the US again it has been close on 20 years, makes me feel so old.
    Much has changed since I was there by the looks of your posts and for the better.
    How many omore sleeps 125 ?
    Can I wait that long?
    warm wishes,

  22. I just love love love those bathrooms! the one in the hotel and the other one, absolutely gorgeous! I would go there just for the bathrooms alone I think! Mxxx

  23. I have been waiting about thirty years for the travel bug to wear off A-M!! glad you had a sensational trip... xv

  24. I will let you know when and if it does xx


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