Sunday, August 26, 2012

Restoration Hardware Love

East Hampton

Whenever I stumbled upon a Restoration Hardware store, when I was over the other side of the world, I hightailed it inside. I made the most of it, big time.

5th Ave

 I fell seriously in love with their chairs. 
I had stalked them on their website...
.... but in real life?...heartstopping.

The perfect library chair!

Rustic grace.

Such statement pieces! 
I seriously love these... with all their loose ends and exposed stitching.

They embrace their Orb Chandeliers... 
which I have sold out of in my shop....until November .....
...and everyone happens to need them right now, like yesterday even. Sigh. 

Look, they even come in a silver option up there!

Very 'Hollywood Regency', the silver.

And look!... super huge versions of my wooden Candelabra Chandelier!... with funky rope chains!

It comes in a full rope-ey version too.
You'd never guess this was the East Hampton store.

So coastal and beachy! 

And they even had Birdcage Chandeliers... just like mine...

.... but with chunky rope chains.
Rope is big up there!

Some wonderful inspiration for boys rooms and libraries.


Loved these darling little sconces too. So many uses!

I can source these in Australia, all wired for 240V. 
I have now decided to stock them after seeing them in these beautiful rooms.....

Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to walk in off the street and buy beautiful vanities like these?

Just look at the mirrors! Just what I have been looking for!
Post travel depression.

Glass pendants. Will I ever get over them?

Some spectacular industrial pieces.

Museum worthy....

... but softened with the elegant lines of times gone by...

... and pretty sparkly things!


Happy Sunday!



  1. Love it all.... If only it wasn't so far out of reach. :-(

  2. If only we had one here!!!
    Love the collection of red white and blue flags- going to keep that idea for my little boys' room.

  3. Oh wow! I would have just moved in to the shop &applied for residencey! xx

  4. We felt the same about Restoration Hardware too.... We still get their online catalogue 5 years after we went there and fell in love with their stores and prices! We are so glad we have our gorgeous lamps to appreciate each night (thanks to a trusty adaptor :)

  5. It's unreal the amount of amazing stuff that this store has. My favourite bits are the clam shell with plant and the vintage maps. Plus, those sconces above the maps. Loving bronze / black right now more than silver / gold.

  6. What a lovely way to enjoy my coffee this morning, with such beautiful images, the chandeliers are stunning, have a lovely Sunday.x

  7. I haven't been able to lift my jaw off the ground...simply gorgeous. Drooling, drooling!!! I think I would have cried - did that when I went into my first Pottery Barn.

  8. The lighting is really spectaculat A-M, but I loved pouring over the images you've snapped for the decorating and styling! Happy Sunday!
    x KL

  9. Hi A-M,

    Oh wow this is just so stunning and kind of depressing all at the same time! I bet you didn't want to leave, it all looks so beautiful. After being there would you agree the Americans are the masters at scale and proportion??.......well going on the magazines I have I think they are!!

    Did you find the prices for their merchandise very expensive?? Are we more expensive here??

    I can't imagine just walking in and being able to buy such a beautiful vanity, this is what all design savvy people dream of. Sure puts our plastic run of the mill, see everywhere, crappy s%#@ty uglies that we call vanities here to shame. Do you think Australia will jump on the bandwagon. I can never decide whether to laugh or cry when you have the salesperson tell you how lovely the run of the mill vanities are here, really are you blind??? I know I'm ranting, but seeing these pictures just enforces how truly behind we are.

    Those lights are just stunning and I bet they are breathtaking in person too. The last one I can imagine sitting on the couch looking up at the light the whole time, I wouldn't need a t.v.!! Oh before I go those mirrors, I'll take one of each!!!!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you so much for sharing.

    Take care

  10. Your giving me a head ache aswell as a heart ache too! So much beauty it's almost too much isn't it? No wonder you feel depressed ha xxxx

  11. Fabulousness everywhere you go A-M <3

    Loving all the photos and hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  12. Be still my heart, Restoration Hardware is what I imagine heaven will look like. I wish they were in Oz but I bet my husband is happy that they aren't! Thanks for all the lovely photos I will be looking over this post many more times I'm sure. xx

  13. is Katrina sending you emails saying "Only 5 photos per post A-M!" love this post. so unlike any hardware shop in australia LOL.
    cheers Fiona

  14. Oh what a huge sigh... stunning simply stunning..

  15. I don't know how you juggle everything, A-M! I have a hard time keeping up with you via my mouse-pad clicking!! I'm glad that you're able to carve out some time for yourself. Your dreams seem to be coming true!

  16. Oh A-M,
    I won't be able to sleep tonight.
    I can't wait to set foot in a store at Christmas.
    Thanks for the post, I am drooling over the photos in detail.
    How the hell did you manage to take the many photos with out being shot by store sales staff.
    Have a great week,

  17. There is a Restoration Hardware in Edmonton. When you come to visit I'll take you there so you can play all day!


  18. Restoration Hardware is so unfair! I look at their website & pout ... why can't we have stores like this in Australia??? I think I would have been walking around crying, not through the beauty of it, but due to the unfairness of not being able to transport half of their floorstock back home!

  19. AM love your blog - those Chairs you love are called Porters Chairs there are actually 2 on Australias Ebay for Auction which look just like these ones - Your blog is always a fantastic read all the best to you. Julie - earthlyjewels

  20. Wow! what a beautiful images! I love it all:-) Your blog is so nice and inspiring! Best wishes from Poland:-)


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