Thursday, August 16, 2012

Screaming Heap

My boys favourite photo from my trip!

I'm back.....very sick...and minus ALL my luggage. Yep, have landed home in a 'screaming heap'!

My trip home from LA was horrendous! After a great flight with Virgin America, from New York to LA, in which the 6 hours just flew by due to my delight with their on-board Wi Fi (skyped, tweeted, blogged my little heart out at 35,000 feet!) 4 hour wait until midnight, for my Virgin Australia flight from LA to Brisbane, ended in vain...with the flight being cancelled right at the death knell. Passengers were screaming and abusing the staff at the service desk as no-one at Virgin seemed capable of taking the lead and notifying panicked passengers as to what was going on. The queue for the service desk did not move for a good 2 hours and when I finally got to the head of the queue I think the woman, so out of her depth with the situation, was so grateful that I didn't scream at her that she just took one look at my premium economy ticket, hurriedly printed out a new boarding pass and "said run to gate 38 and you'll get on the flight for Sydney closing right now".

I ran! There was no way I was taking the festy overnight hotel option, with a $50 food voucher and one telephone call allowance, if I could help it. I did think as I was running though, "say bye-bye to your luggage A-M".

Yep. Nothing this end. And to make things worse, I have no luggage receipt tags as the panicked, out of her depth, LA Virgin airline service desk lady ripped them up with my old boarding pass when she issued me with a new LA to Sydney one. Sydney was a debacle too as Virgin Australia struggled to accommodate so many displaced Brisbanites, all missing their luggage, needing a flight home as soon as possible. After a long wait in Sydney, I finally got on to a flight to Brisbane, full of whinging passengers that the cabin crew attempted to placate with free food and drink. I just nursed my sick self in a corner, desperate to just get home.

I greeted my darling boys (little one was 'face plant' plastered to the glass at the airport - I saw him immediately as we taxied in) totally empty handed .....having to retract my promise, of gift giving in the back seat on the way home from the airport, due to the absence of my luggage. They understood and I think I worried them a bit when they finally greeted their dishevelled I am so crook! My health deteriorated markedly on the long flight home and I am now a coughing, sniffing, shaking, feverish mess! My niggling sore throat, on my last joyous bike riding day in New York, has unleashed a spectacular Northern Hemisphere bug that has seriously achieved the 'coming back down to earth after a fabulous journey' goal!

Crook, crook, crook...and jet lagged (hence the 2am post)....and starving coz it's lunchtime in New York..and so grateful to be home safe...and so 'complete' after the most amazing soul/sole (both) journey I have ever had in my life.

I'm back and not the same person I was 3 weeks ago.

And it's such a good thing.

A-M xx

PS My little one has held my hand since I got home. I had to prise him off me to go to bed.



  1. Glad you are safe at home even if the trip home was awful. I certainly enjoyed seeing NYC and The Hamptons through your eyes. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. A-M, so glad you are back and ok. Sorry to read you are so sick. Get better soon. Mxx

  3. Home safe, exhausted and sick.
    How unfortunate and I hope u get some medication soon if that's helps.
    I do love a life-changing experience. Where to now for you A-M in life?
    Thx for sharing ur wonderful journey, u have both brought me to tears with ur soulful writing AND inspired me too up the expectation of my own life. We r only on this Earth once...and who knows for how long. I'm planning...:-)

  4. Hope you can shake that "bug" off soon and enjoy your homecoming with two of the sweetest gents on the planet! Oh, and hope your luggage makes a safe passage too!

  5. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us AM, it was lots of fun. So sorry you have come home to illness. I have had a house full of sick boys all week, not nice. Hope you are feeling better soon and I am looking forward to hearing what amazing things are ahead for you. Take care. xx

  6. Oh A-M thats not the homecoming post I was expecting to read! I hope you have some down time planned to rest and recover? Get well soon and good luck chasing that luggage. xToni

  7. AM Please really look after yourself. Rest , rest and rest. My husband came home from NY last week with a terrible bug went back to work and is now in hospital in intensive care. PS What a wonderful trip !!

  8. I am so sorry you are sick A-M, though it is all-of-a-piece with a life-changing experience, the universe driving the message home! Once you clear it you will be re-born.

  9. So glad to hear you are home and in one piece. Forget the luggage, it will arrive...sometime! I am sorry you had to endure LAX and a flight cancellation - I too have been in that space and had my first and hopefully last complete breakdown (a nice man from Ingahams Chickens held me while I cried uncontrollably for about an hour!) in the FF lounge of Qantas.

    And you are right, you aren't the same, you have taken the detour and seen the endless opportunities awaiting you whispering "A-M, over here".

    Enjoy the few days in bed. It is a perfect way to let your mind process. Rx

  10. Oh My GOD!!!! What a debacle. Get well soon- I have been sick for 4 weeks and please get tested for the flu.

    I hope your luggage turns up AM!!!!

    Fingers and Toes

    Wonderful that you are with the kids again xx

  11. Sorry to hear you are sick but I guess its better to be sick now you are home rather than on holidays. Life always full of highs and lows! Hope you feel better soon & your luggage arrives. Thanks for sharing your adventures while you were having them.

  12. What a nightmare trip you have had!! Think positive and be glad you did not travel with your children. I know that doesn't help but anyway. I just got back from Europe and the flight went "all right" but I did travel with my children, 4 and 6 which is not to recommend and I will think long and hard before I attempt that again in the nearest future ;)
    Take care and rest and lets hope your bags will arrive any day now with all your boys goodies.
    Anette :)

  13. Oh NO!
    That is so terrible that you are sick and to arrive home with no luggage is even worse. All the goodies for the boys etc....
    I hope you get it all back asap.
    Pen x
    PS "get well soon"

  14. oh ugh! :( I hope you are soon well and that your luggage finds its way to you!

  15. That is so adorable.. the little one hand bit not the luggage and illness. We always seem to come back with a bump!.. Glad you have a fabulous time and whilst your are snotting everywhere at least you can smile at your pictures x

  16. Hope you are better soon and your luggage finds it's way home!

  17. Oh dear...I was nearly as worried about your lost luggage, with all manner of never-to-be-seen-again-bargains, as I was about you! Hope you are better soon.

    We seem to have had a constant battle on our hands with viruses here.

    Glad you made it.

  18. What a spectacular trip you had and what a shame the journey home was so horrific. I love that he doesn't want to let go of your hand..:)

  19. Hey A-M what a nightmare end to a wonderful trip. Hoping your're back in tip top condition ASAP.
    Have enjoyed reading all your posts about NYC.
    I'm on the countdown now only 15days to go.

    Look forward to reading about what's ahead after this amazing trip.

    CLaire :}

  20. At least the weather is nice here, although you were prob asleep! Sounds like you might have the flu, Influenza A is rampant here as its not included in the flu vaccine, loads of vitamins and fluids will help, hope your luggage turns up soon, we left our camera in a hotel in Scotland, it was sent but the package arrived sans camera :(

  21. Hi A-M, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I've loved reading your adventures day by day. I can really relate to how magical and life-changing it is to get away by yourself and be your own young self again. I went to Spain for a month and walked the pilgrim trail the Camino de Santiago with my girlfriend from Uni. Much as I missed my darling family it was bliss. Hope you feel better soon (I got a sore throat on the plane then my eardrum burst when I got home...?!)
    xx Rosa

  22. I have just started 10 days holiday 'somewhere warmer than Brisbane' as a last ditch effort to shake off the lurgy I picked up on a flight in June. Do pamper yourself; a little extra care now hopefully will shorten the duration of your bug and then you can really savour the new you and the love of your beautiful boys.

  23. Oh gosh I empathise. We were all DYING for 3 weeks here...and I mean DYING!!!!!! It was hell, torture and several other adjectives I COULD use... then my son and his girlfriend returned from Phuket, he with SOME mysterious illness and enjoyed a week's hospitality at the local hospital - earned himself some new FF miles/points...and me a few extra grey hairs (and now I really am 50 Shades of SERIOUSLY Grey!) OMG! Does it never end!??! So yes, I empathise from the bottom of my heart!!! What a nasty so-and-so that bug is! I had SEVEN, count 'em, 7 sick kids...what joy!!!!!!! Just shoot me now, I kept saying...we I can't wait to see the back of Aug. Roll on Spring in QLD I say!

  24. Welcome home A-M,
    Sorry about the horrendous flight connect home. But let me tell you, the bug you have I am sure you got off someone on your flight. I have had the same sort of bug the past 3 weeks and it is terrible. Its all over Brisbane at moment and planes seem to be the easiest place to contract such a nasty bug. Just don't know how the flight attendants do it day after day.
    Rest up, sleep, eat lots of chicken soup and big hugs from your boys and you will feel a bit better in a few days.
    Thanks again for sharing your wonderful journey.
    Warm wishes and get well,
    Daryl xo

  25. What a shame - such a horrid end to a wonderful trip. :( I hope the bug disappears and your missing luggage appears, super-fast. x

  26. I think that is the single-most worst thing about travelling....the inevitable sickness.
    Hopefully you will shake it off quickly and make a full and speedy recovery AND your luggage will turn up ASAP! I guess one positive is that you didn't get sick at the start of or in the midst of your life-changing journey.
    I know what you mean about getting away on your own. As much as I love my beautiful family, last year I spent a few days on my own in Melbourne and it was the most personally fulfilling trip I have ever taken. I stayed at a nice Hotel (even though I have dear friends in Melbourne who would have welcomed me with open arms), I walked, I marvelled, I shopped and re-discovered myself. I think everyone needs a little time away sometimes.
    Looking to hearing more about your travels,
    Take care xx

  27. Oh dear, last I heard you were happily instagramming over the US skies. Total bummer about the last part of the trip. I am crossing my fingers your luggage will return eventually. Rest up and drink lots of warm chicken soup. Deb

  28. Well that's just the pits!
    Sorry to read about the nightmare journey, the luggage fiasco and the sickness. Not fair is it after such a great trip? Hope you can rest up well this weekend with lots of hand holding. Take Care.

  29. Poor you! Glad to hear you're home safe and (somewhat) sound. Thank you so much for your joyous posts and taking us all along on the ride during your soul journey. Enjoy gently squeezing those precious hands in yours. Meredy xo

  30. I'm so glad your back home with your boys and safe. It is just too bad that you got sick and all the crap with the airlines. It seems hard enough to deal with such a long trip. I loved reading about your adventures, even though I didn't comment much. I wondered about squirrels in Oz. We call them Rats with fuzzy tails in our home, ever since they slaughtered all of our baby blue birds and purple martin birds too. They live in abundance in our parts since we have so many pecan and oak trees. I would trade squirrels for koalas any day. One day I will have to tell you a very funny story about my friend and her squirrel problem. Get some sleep and some good eats. Love, Heidi

  31. Oh A-M, you darling girl. So sorry to hear about this chocker of an ending to your dream trip. Rest up, Gorgeous Girl. J x

  32. Glad to hear you made it home safely but wishing you a speedy recovery both both your health and luggage!

  33. Glad to hear you made it home safely! Wishing you a speedy recovery of both your health and luggage!

  34. How cute, you had an encounter with that squirrel.

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  35. So you're spreading the northern hemisphere bugs to the south, are you? I sure hope you feel better soon. I have enjoyed reading your posts from your trip - I don't think I have ever read such an exuberant travel report before.

  36. Not at all surprised to hear this about Virgin Australia. I flew with them to the US and had a similarly disappointing experience. Such a shame that your life changing trip should end so painfully and badly. Hopefully it won't alter your positive memories.


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