Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Southampton Heaven And The Longest Post Ever

Ok, I'm let's get straight down to house business, because that's what I'm here for..... business. Wink.

Before I tell you about my magical day, I thought I'd share a beautiful house with you, that I passed walking on my way from the village to my lodgings this afternoon.

It looks old, probably because it is...but it is also a very recent renovation of 'old'. I saw the tradesmen packing up their tools so I hid under a tree and waited for them to leave so I could take these photos.

Porch swing. There's one on the other side too. Lots of symmetry.
Just love the detail.
So around the corner to the left of the front porch is a lovely portico which had a gorgeous lantern all lit up, in the you do...
So I stuck my iPhone through the gate, hoping I wouldn't lose it on the other side forever....and while I was sneaking photos, I heard the sound of children laughing....behind the back garden hedges. The children of the house were playing in their beautiful estate. The yard went on forever so I couldn't see anything...but the sound of their giggles and happy little voices made me cry. There's those jet lag tears again! Only symptoms..tears and no appetite.

These photos have not captured the beauty of this place due to the lighting but I wanted to record my experience here, to remind me of the emotions evoked hearing the children play, imagining what it would be like to be living their lives in this beautiful town.

Ok, way over my word and image limit so 25 words or less....the rest of my day.... I if I can stick to less than 25!

I caught the Jitney bus up from NYC with a bunch of quiet, frowny folk. Very serious and not engaging at as there was free Wi Fi on the bus and the Long Island expressway was pretty boring, I chatted to my loyal instagram friends and answered emails via my iPad.

Can you tell he was a real Butler in a previous life?!

I was collected at the station by the delightful owner of the B&B where I am staying (photos and details to come) and taken on a surprise tour of Sourhampton! I tell you, there is only one place to stay in Southampton, and I'm staying in it! The hospitality is beyond measure and it started before I left our shores! Chris drove me down all the streets that I will be investigating on my bike tomorrow...showed me where to find all the mansions (yeah, like everywhere)...and even took me to 2 beaches so I know how to find my way there tomorrow.

Zoom on the iPhone! I was miles away!
Pretty damn good even if I say so myself.
I even got to frolick on one beach and snap a couple of photos. I was pinching myself, looking up that beach, dotted with sprawling mansions. I was in one of my inspiration pictures that I keep as a screen saver! It was so beautiful as the wind was picking up for a storm. I felt like Dianne Keaton on the beach in Something's Gotta Give!
I asked Chris to drop me in the village and I spent the afternoon with my mouth open, photographing like every shop....

...and lane way!
The Ralph Lauren store in Southampton deserves a post all of its own.
Stay tuned tomorrow morning...well, tonight for you!
I stopped for a bite to eat at this dear little bistro advertising Lobster Salad (on my bucket list - Lobster Salad in The Hamptons).

There was one single table outside set for one. I waltzed in and asked if they were still serving lunch and if I could have that table. It was like they had set it just for me and it was waiting for me! I had my beautiful salad and made sure everyone who stopped to look at the menu went inside to eat. My story was that I had flown 24 hours from Australia just to sit at that table and eat that Lobster Salad. The owner actually came out and thanked me for sending customers in and said I should be on the payroll. I wished he was serious!

Lobster and 'shrimp!....the vocab!...shrimp not prawns .....must remember they're flip flops and not thongs. Not thongs.

So tomorrow I explore this beautiful village by bike. I will be having a later start than usual, as breakfast is served at a very civilised 9.30am, in the English country garden, at this establishment........after tea and the papers being served at 7am. Probably will do me good to take it easy for a morning.

This beautiful place also deserves a post of it's own so I will treat you to that when I am back in New York. I am staying here only 2 nights so I will have to get my skates on tomorrow to get up to the Hampton Designer Showhouse in Millport too. Going by bike. Hope they welcome windswept, hillbilly Aussies on bikes!

I must sleep! The words on this page are blurry. My eyes are sliding off my face.

Sweet dreams! Mine are. First time in years! Sweet as.

A-M xx

Oh and PS, I publish a lot of instagram photos during each day when I can find free Wi Fi ..... so head on over to 'thehouseambuilt' to catch more photos of this heavenly place!


  1. I am so enjoying your journey. Wishing I was back there. Missed that La Plage shop when I was there. Grr. the English Country Shop is down the other end. near the entry to pressure.

  2. Be still my BEATING Heart!!! How on earth did you contain your excitement when walking on that beach my heart literally skipped a thousand beats just seeing those images. Have an awesome day A-M xx

  3. Oh beautiful A-M, I am thrilled you are there and loving it. You deserve the wonderful treatment you are receiving.

  4. What a gorgeous post A-M...the pictures, the words, the dreams coming true....this is possibly one of the best posts I've ever read. Thank you so much for sharing it all with us and for inspiring me to make a few dreams of my own come true x

  5. So excited for you, that you're realising this dream! I'm in love now too!

  6. Oh, seriously I am taking a virtual tour with you....Feel like I am there. Divine, divine, divine. I keep popping back to the ipad throughout the day to see if there is an update! And you are not alone crying with happiness over restoration hardware- did the same 2 yrs ago in Santa Monica... Have photos to prove. Like a million of them!I love you are taking photos of shops....I did same. Gorgeous. X

  7. So pleased you are having such a heavenly and memorable time - lucky you! Keep the pics and words coming and i can travel with you! KG x

  8. Thank you so much for taking us with you on your trip- I am loving every minute of it!

  9. There's just one word - scrumdidlyumptious!!
    PS Loving the instagram feed too.

  10. OH this is a wonderful post. Thank you am and happy travels.

  11. Hi sweets, just got through telling hubs about your travels to date and how I'm drooling incessantly at your sublime photos. I never really knew how badly I need to do NY until this week!
    All your readers are living the dream with you.
    Keep those pics coming!
    Between you and Katrina's updates we are being spoilt.

  12. oh dear. I think I've drooled on my laptop and blown it up. Heavenly. Thank you for sharing so many pics and please keep them coming!

  13. Oh A-M I could hug u for all the wonderful photos, posts, details! It's like I have a friend over there the way h write and I've never even met u!!! Ur excitement is palpable!
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy:-))))))

  14. I am commenting on this post...but I am LOVING ALL of your photos!!!!!! All of them! Not sure how to find you on I am enjoying it all here! :) x

    1. I'm 'thehouseambuilt' on Instagram. xx

  15. That first house colour I'd call "Big Bird Yellow"! Fabulous pictures, A-M!

  16. Wow. Love that table with the lobster salad. The Universe is looking after you!!

  17. Ah it's like a bonus episode or two of 'Revenge'! Loving all your gorgeous, gorgeous photos. Have fun!

  18. I feel as though I'm in heaven just reading your post!! Can I cry along with you?! :) The architecture, the gardens, the shops, that salad.... oh my!!!! x


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