Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thoughts On Father's Day

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and Masters Home Improvement.

I jumped at the chance to do this Father's Day post for 'Masters Home Improvement'. It has given me a wonderful opportunity to publicly declare my love for someone very special in my life ......and get him some spectacular goodies, from Masters, for Father's Day too. Bonus! ... the post that has everything!

The wonderland that is 'Gran and PaPa's place'.

New husband aside (ha!)...this special person I refer to is my darling step-dad, Tom. He has been in my life since I was a troubled teenager and he's still here! That says a lot! He shed tears of happiness for me at my wedding 15 years ago and I still see him sneak a tear in, here and there, when something fills him with joy these days. Yep, my forthright, Scottish, Step-Dad is a softie with a heart of gold. He's also the best Grandad my adventurous boys could have ever wished for. 

It doesn't go unnoticed by me that he never seems to be around, when I drop the boys down to stay with him and my Mum...... as he is out at the shops stocking up on all their favourite treats!!!... stringy cheese for the little one, special yoghurts and chocolate for the big one .... and fruit juice!... which we don't have at home and apparently is the requested fuel for all the tree climbing that goes on, down by the dam. 

Playing outside 'PaPa's Shed'!

Tom helps my boys build the most wonderful tree houses and lets them rummage for anything they want in 'PaPa's shed'. The treehouse is an eyesore but he doesn't touch it when my boys aren't there. He lovingly keeps it in 'shrine status' until the boys turn up for their next visit! 

My boys love how naughty PaPa is behind Gran's back too. They head to the movies, with strict dietary instructions from Gran, and then delight in the bags and bags of lollies that appear from PaPa's 'special esky'! The lollies are consumed, unbeknownst to Gran, with no consumption limits whatsoever! 

"Mum, when I sit in his chair, he pulls my ears and bangs my head with a plate". "And he cheats in all our games". "He tries to trip me when I walk past", giggles the little one.... "and he knows I hate spiders so he teases me with them". PaPa finds the best computer game bargains on eBay too and is always surprising my boys with the latest up to date version of whatever is cool and current in my boys' lives. He takes them for walks with dangerous long walking sticks, accompanied by his ever faithful companion, 'Tess The Dog', and rummages through all the cheap toys at the markets with my boys every weekend they happen to be staying with him. Oh, and PaPa makes the BEST pizzas in the world' apparently.

I told my boys I was doing this post, dedicated to PaPa, and I asked them what they got up to with PaPa when I am not around. They said, after spilling the beans, "make sure you mention how much we love him too". My heart burst. 

So Father's Day is going to be a biggie this year for me, as I am ever so grateful for the father figure in my life.... and my boys adored Grandad. It is very timely that Masters Home Improvement have declared this Father's Day a 'Sock, Jock and Tie FREE Zone'. Masters Home Improvement really is the 'Ultimate Dad's Shed' where you can now find more than 13,000 products online from the comfort of your, 'never knowingly undercushioned', lounge. (in joke, ref: FF, 2010). 

Tom/PaPa loves any sort of outdoor entertaining, as long as it involves a BBQ with sizzling steaks, family around, noisy little grandchildren on noisy motorised cars..... with handstanding granddaughters and soccer ball kicking grandsons. 

Mum and Tom have an archaic outdoor dining table which wobbles when you sit at it but you just have to pretend you don't notice the wobble or Gran gets all defensive and sentimental about her beloved table and argues with PaPa about getting a new one.

I would love get PaPa this new season setting, from Masters. No more wobbly table arguments!

New Season Stock, Coming Soon, HERE

Look Mum, you can even add your beloved benches to it!

Totally digressing, I seriously need these for me!
They are due in soon. New season stock.

Table, New Season Stock, Coming Soon,  HERE.

Reminds me of the beautiful English garden I sat in recently, in Southampton, NY, to eat my breakfast.
Seriously digressing!

Grandhall Pizza Oven, Coming Soon! -  HERE. 

Oh, how PaPa would be in his element with a pizza oven! I reckon he could even better his pizzas in this! Family days would take on a new meaning!

Del Terra Outdoor Wheeled Kitchen, New Season Stock, Coming Soon - HERE

I betcha PaPa would love this rustic outdoor kitchen too. It would suit the farm/country aesthetic they have going on down there to a T!... and keep all the cooking paraphernalia organised. It's a production, alright!

Ok, so maybe I'm going a bit overboard, redesigning my parents' whole outdoor entertaining space! With smaller gifts in mind, Masters also have an online gift guide and have sorted potential gifts for your Dad into: Gifts Under $25, Gifts Under $50, Gifts Under $100 and Gifts Over $100. As I know PaPa has been known to peruse my blog from time to time, we have already selected our gifts from these guides and we are not announcing them here!

Masters also have a Pinterest page full of ideas of great things you can do with Dad to keep him happy on the big day! I am so impressed. Everyone is embracing Pinterest! I'm a follower. DIY is going to feature big time in my life this year... so Masters is going to be my inspiration. They have DIY tips and even interior design tips popping up on their Pinterest page all the time, HERE.

And to top it all off, if you think your Dad needs a shed full of stuff to keep him occupied, then enter the Masters Father's Day Competition, on their Facebook page HERE, by posting a picture of your Dad (or Grandad!) and in 25 words or less tell them why you love him to bits! I'm entering! Or maybe I should just cut and paste this post!?!

You never know, your Dad could end up with a shed full of great products from Masters ... isn't that what all Dads want? ... a shed full of 'great stuff'?!

And lastly, I have to mention the fact that my boys have their wonderful Dad back in their daily lives now too. Extra special Father's Day celebrations for us this year!

Thank you Masters, for the opportunity to participate in your Father's Day celebrations! Seriously perfect timing!

Do you have a special father figure in your life who you want to spoil on Father's Day? Would love to hear your Dad/Grandad stories. When you post a pic and story, over on the Masters Facebook page HERE, let me know too!




  1. HI AM. What a loveyl post and a wonderful dedication to PaPa. I am sure he will be reading yourpost with years streaming down his face. Your boys are so lucky to have PaPa in their lives and he sounds like the perfect grandparent. O had a wonderful Pa in his life too. O loves his Pa and they have a very special Pa. He loves having sleepovers at his Nanna and Pa's and is thoroughly spoiled when he stays. Pa loves to take him swimming at the local pool and they splash around for hours and then eat icecreams together. O loves doing Science Experiments so O and Pa spend hours with all O science experiment kits. They both love to laugh and have watching goofy movies and DVDs such as Mr Bean and The 3 Stooges. Anyway I could go on ofr ages so I will stop now. I am so grateful that O has a supportive and loving Pa (as well as Nanna). Fathers Day will be an extra special one for you all this year. Nataliexxxx

  2. Cripes, I just re-read my post and it should have said O has a great PA not had. Sorry for the spelling mistakes. I really need to re-read before I press publish.xx

  3. Oh this post made me quite emotional! Is there a photo PaPa he would allow us to see? Perhaps on Father's Day. He sounds like a grand grandad.

    My father is a lovely grandfather to my nieces. He builds them doll's houses, helps with their maths homework, dances with them at their deb balls, then goes up the Amazon/Alaska/Africa on one of his extraordinary trips and comes home to entertain them with astonishing stories lessons about geography. They adore him.

    Grandfathers are wonderful, aren't they? And fathers too. Glad Mr A-M is back.

    1. Apologies for my typos too. Have little puppies wrestling at my feet.

  4. Beautiful words, made me teary. My boys are lucky to have a Pa that loves them to bits too.

  5. great Post A-M. I'm keen to check out Masters as have heard a lot about them but never been to one. I also had a much beloved step father, Max. (as well as my own lovely dad). love you blog as always.
    Fiona xx

  6. What a truly fantastic post! I'm sure Pa-Pa would have tears after reading that!
    Lovely A-M.

  7. I always enjoy your posts A-M but this one struck a special chord with me. I was raised unfortunately without living Grandparents and now watching my father with my children, am so grateful that they have their idolised 'Grandad'. I was a single working mum for awhile and Grandad provided the best male role model I could've asked for. Life deals hard blows to many but being blessed by loving, caring and hands-on parents / grand-parents has made those hardships in my life so much easier. WE are truely lucky.
    x KL

  8. My wonderful step-dad is also my boys' Poppa and their adoration is mutual! My youngest called him "Grasspopper" for a while (which was pretty funny as since his retirement he mows lots of lawns). We love him heaps!!

  9. Hi A-M,
    I now have your pizza oven on my wish list.
    Thanks for the great post. Every dad should have a shed to go to, to do his own thing.
    My dads was huge, and always full of wonder to me as a child.
    Warm wishes,

  10. Yeah I do, but I wished my dad was in Australia to celebrate it with us. Being in Singapore and having a different date to Australia's Fathers Day can be a bit confusing for me. And I guess the kids do miss out on having an awesome grandfather, because when we do visit, they have an absolute ball with him -especially when he's playing hide-seek with them and the playground and then panics when he actually couldn't find them! LOL! I guess he's forgotten that you "pretend" to close your eyes when you're it!

  11. Oh, I want the table setting too, and the "wheeled kitchen" (I love that) and the pizza oven! Is there a Masters Home Improvement in Melbourne? I think I heard someone talking about it one day so I will have to find out where it is urgently..... Mxxx

  12. What a gorgeous story. My daughters only have one set of grandparents alive and they love them dearly. My youngest (2) told me earlier that her Grandfather is her best friend, so cute! Grandparents certainly have such a special role in children's lives.

  13. It's rare that you can write on behalf of an organization and make it feel like you but you've woven this post beautifully. I feel like I'm climbing the trees with your boys. And PaPa sounds exactly like my grandfather - who in his 60s and 70s chased us on the hay bales until we fell off them. Hold tight to these special people in your life A-M.....Happy Father's Day indeed.

  14. I too had a wonderful stepdad, A-M - I can so relate to this post. He never got tired of my boys (and my nieces and nephews) climbing all over him, asking him a million questions and following him around all day. He was also free with the lollies and treats. Fathers Day is a bit sad now that he's gone, but we'll drink a toast of his favourite single-malt Scotch to him and share some happy memories.

    I'm glad that you and your boys have such an amazing and loving man in your lives. x

  15. Oh yay, we just had a Masters open up here in Canberra!! I went yesterday, a little overwhelmed, i could only concentrate on 4 different types of soil. Wonderful service too.
    I still have the most important man in my world, my Daddy. I'm a Daddy's girl for sure & married the same model of man, some 40 years his junior. My Papa is always there for me, less so now my mother has Alzheimer's but he's my 'answers man' & i adore him to pieces. Now the proud grandfather of 14, i know we are his whole world. NOW my husband just shows me more & more how much he is the same guy - military, father of 4, lots of wars, tonnes of love to give, bad back . . . love Posie


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