Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today Was Like A Hundred Christmas Mornings

I experienced pure joy today. I hired a bike and rode to the Hampton Designer Showhouse in Watermill ..... and then spent the next 4 hours riding and exploring .... and sneaking through hedges.... and up driveways.... and crawling over sand dunes catch a glimpse of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen.

The air was warm and smelt so sweet with the scent of summer flowers .... and the streets were so quiet with sounds of such beautiful birdsong. I pedalled that bike like there was no tomorrow.....and I cried a disbelief at the magnitude of wealth and the sheer beauty of its manifestation, in joy at being able to see it in real life and in the realisation that I was living that very moment in a future treasured memory. When you wait 45 years to realise a dream, the tears flow freely. Who'd have thought?

I made beautiful memories today. I am so grateful...and I am beyond exhausted. I have loaded up a few photos on Instagram....but the stories will have to wait.... as I need to sleep.

I have enough stories to fill my blog for a year and enough photos to never have to pinch and credit a photo again for a very long time. I have lots to show you but now I must sleep.

Sweet dreams all.

A-M xx



  1. You got the bike! Glad your day lived up to your expectations. So loking forwrad to seeing the photos and hearing more about your trip.
    Clare x

  2. Hard to believe these homes are just holiday houses. Somebody pinch me.
    Night night.

  3. Hi A-M.
    I'm a long time follower, first time to comment though. Am loving your posts about your trip - your happiness jumps from the page, gives me tears in my eyes and goosebumps!
    Can't wait to hear all your stories once you are home!
    Kepp having FUN and living your dream!
    Helen xo

  4. So happy for you A-M - just remember to stockpile some noms for midnight hunger tonight - like a barbequed chicken, or some lobster rolls. Or both!

  5. Now that's one cool step through bike!
    Looking forward to seeing all your fantastic shots.
    I bet you'll have sweet dreams after the day you've had.
    x Jode

  6. I totally understand the tears - when I finally made it to Rome last year I was overcome with tears everywhere - I just could not believe that the dream of seeing Europe (all the things that I had read about and seen pictures of) was finally a reality. The best thing I have ever done even though I could not afford it, I had lots of things that were a more practical priority.... but I just DID IT!

    Have the best time - cant wait to see the pictures of the houses...

  7. Your so inspiring, what a trip of a lifetime. Sandy x

  8. Fantastic - what a great way to see everything! I absolutely love the pics you're posting on twitter - it feels like you've brought us with you.

    Hope you're all adjusted now and feeling hungry at the right times! xxx

  9. Pure joy. You said it all.
    You are such an inspiration, A-M. Enjoy every moment.
    I am just loving hearing about your journey and your attitude is contagious!
    Happy travels, xx


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