Monday, August 6, 2012

Would You Believe...

Beautiful cast iron details, Midtown.

....that I haven't even been to Central Park yet? Only having one day in NYC, before 3 days in The Hamptons, 2 days of blog conference and then a day yesterday at Woodbury Common, I am looking longingly at my NYC maps, whispering to myself', "soon A-M, soon".

I am so glad Katrina is around at the moment. As much as I love travelling alone, it's great to have someone to giggle with over things. We've had so many laughs over real characters we have met in our adventures...a Latino lady who kept telling us to "stand here, here, here, no stand here, here, here" whilst waiting for the bus yesterday. If we put one foot over the pavement line, she'd be back, shuffling us around, "stand here, here". We would deliberately put our toes over the line just so she would waddle back and tell us where to stand again.
Then there was the 'Subway Soup Nazi' (subway ticket booth man) who started off rude and just intolerant of tourists who could not understand his Mexican accent....and then he got just plain scary, when he started yelling from behind the glass at larikins jumping the turnstiles, "you go to jail, come here, you go to jail, I call the police" ....just like the soup nazi in 'Seinfeld'. Of course we all fumbled swiping our Metro cards after his tirade, as we were all so scared of him he started yelling at us! "faster, faster, faster"! ....telling us to swipe our cards faster so the turnstile would work and let us through. We couldn't get through those turnstiles fast enough and dissolved into hysterics once out of ear shot of him.

So I am making the most of the fact that Katrina is here until Wednesday, totally hijacking her 'second honeymoon' (she'll roll her eyes when she reads that) and joining her and hubby again today to do 'The Highline'. Google it! Great story. Such a fabulous, forward thinking city. Thanks to Anna Spiro, I would have not known about it. Thanks for all your tips Anna, I am following through a lot of them later in the week!

Put these in just for Faux Fuchsia.
FF, Missoni are now reading your blog!
Oh and yesterday, despite professing to be a non consumer and announcing to the world that I have everything I need ....and that I would be the only tourist heading home with room in my bags, yesterday I found myself at Woodbury Common, the outlet mecca, practically screaming in Kate Spade, where they had up to 60% off their reduced outlet prices!

And don't get me started on Converse.....never owned a pair in my life...and now my whole family will be dressed top to toe in Converse. I can see how this consumerism starts. I could get used to it! I mean $40 a pair with the second half price and $10 shirts. Get out!
So I am caught up in this whirlwind that is New York at the moment. I can't get enough of it. I just counted on my fingers, I have 8 more days here, 8 more intense days to create memories, ploughing through my very long 'to do' list. I am going to squeeze the life out of this place and land exhausted on that plane.....and I am going to share as much of it with you as I can!

Off to breakfast now and then out into New York's dirty, hot, humid, crowded, magical streets!

A-M xx



  1. You know I love Kate Spade A-M! Look at that outlet and all those purses. Everything is just soooooo cheap in the states, I so wish I was there right now. Keep having a fabulous time.
    Mrs B xxx

    1. Mrs B , you were the first person I thought of walking into Kate Spade. Xx

  2. Sounds wonderful but the prices sound depressing!! I rather think we are being taken for a ride here in Australia!!!!
    I will probably have to go to Chicago next year after hearing al this and UK daughter says that is a fabulous city to visit! Keep enjoying xx

  3. Oh Jules, wouldn't we have some fun! Xx

  4. See I told you the shopping was good in the States.
    Can we swing by NY after Paris?
    Live it up sweets

  5. There is a Prada store. Now you 2 never mentioned Prada. Just when I told DH I am only a light green with jealousy now there wasn't a Chanel store. So now I see a Prada store I am back to lime, flouro green lol.
    Have a fun day with the Chambos:)

  6. I agree with Julie-Ann, I am looking a bit green too! And like you A-M, I don't think I'm much of a consumer either! Scary what a bargain can do! Vx

  7. A-M if you have some time before Katrina leaves head over to Ellen Stardust Diner at the M&M World end of Broadway. It's a diner like we used to see in Happy Days but all the waiters and waitresses are aspiring actors and broadway singers. They take it in turns to sing a number which is so exciting. The milk shakes are fantastic and the mini burgers superb - and just enough with a side of fries for us Aussies. It's the sort of place you want to go to with someone though which is why I'm suggesting it while you still have your partners in crime. NYC is such a fabulous place.

    Jennifer xx

  8. Is that $10 Ralph Lauren polo shirts??? Oh my giddy aunt!

  9. A-M, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your holiday!!!!! I' still hanging out to get to NY - i got all responsible and told myself I need to pay off credit cards and buy a car (i know, i know - i'm still catching public transport) before I take a non-related work trip. But after this post and mention of all these incredible 'discount clobber' (thanks FF) shops, it would clearly COST me money not to get myself over there toot sweet! Enjoy the rest of your trip A-M, you deserve it and thank you for taking us all along with you xx

  10. Keep Having lots of fun A-M! I would have been quivering and hysterical on that shopping trip yesterday. Thank you for sharing these amazing days so vividly! Can't wait to see what you get up to during next 8 days! Mxxx

  11. Oh the humanity! Check out that shopping.

    TDM xxx

  12. I am soaking up every ounce of this trip of yours. My husband even came into wake me up this morning announcing 'she took a photo of your Kate Spade purse'!!! I have the orange one (picked it up at the outlets in Vegas). Enjoy enjoy enjoy....we're hanging out til the next post. PS: your instagram is insane. I'm loving it!!!!!

  13. Not Fair, Not Fair- prices are such a rip off here!

  14. No way!!!!!!!!!!!
    Those prices are crazy...
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy.
    Very jealous
    Pen x

  15. It's your absolute duty to shop like a woman possessed. Fill your bags to bursting so it lasts until the next trip!

  16. Oooh I'd been waiting patiently for your next update...oh ok...not so patiently! Love the pictures. I'm a visual person so a pic really IS worth a thousand words...I can't decide what I love better...the NY shots of the Hamptons I won't choose, I'll just love them both equally! Oh but I DO LOVE The Hamptons (you lucky girl!!!!) x

  17. Wow, loving that cheap Missoni! I have heard that place is the bomb for cheap stuff. Loving seeing your adventures in photos x

  18. My dearest A-M - I'm just back from vacation but I've been drinking in your tweets and Instagram'd photos like water. I love when people discover new places for the first time. Your views on New York are awesome! Have a great time and tell Katrina I say hi!


  19. And buy another suitcase if necessary!

  20. Woodbury Common is the greatest! Did you buy Loubies and Chanel and Dior....oh my?!?! Heavenly! Carry on and shop for all of us Aussie gals, back home! xx (P.S. I am a size 37 1/2 in shoes, in case you were wondering...)

  21. OMG woman - what a fantastic time so far - hope it gets even better for you!


  22. I told my husband about how you are just eating up the great deals on name brand clothing. I told him that it is more expensive in Oz and some brands, you cannot even get at all. This concerned him and then I reminded him that it really is a good thing. We are not name brand obsessed kind of people anyway and having the children wear uniforms to school eliminates the huge problem of insecurities of not being wealthy, bulling, peer pressure and the BS way of thinking that you are what you wear and what you look like. He agreed. I told him that you don't know how good you got it, but I guess we all don't know how good really got it when we are comparing our lives to people who we think have it better than us. Most of us have it pretty darn good. Keep on enjoying your trip. ABC Carpet and Home is one place I thought that I would love to browse through if I were in NY. Love always, Heidi


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