Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Nook

Today's nook is the Master Bathroom in the Hampton Designer Showhouse, that I visited last month, in Southampton, NY.

The entryway into the bathroom was flanked by these two beautiful hand painted vanities.

Loved the mirrors and the moldings....with the little pink accents.

Of course I looked up! Beautiful!

In the centre of the bathroom, in front of the bath, was a gorgeous hot pink chaise on a gorgeous rug.

It was such a whimsical, elegant, feminine room...
.....with just enough pink to still have a serene air to it all!

What do you think? Could you soak in the tub in this bathroom?

Loved, loved, loved them. Grey and pink perfection.

Had to check out the smallest room. 

The tub.
Yeah, I could so do it. 
I wanted to get in right there and then, being all sweaty and non glamorous (with bike helmet hair) from my bike ride from Southampton to Water Mill. 

I thought it was all so positively lovely... right down to the pretty bath petals!

Happy Monday! 


  1. Hi A-M,
    I get so inspired looking at these bold choices.
    I am in the process of choosing wallpaper for our powder room wall, so this is very helpful! (thinking charcoal grey imperial trellis.....) I was worried about it looking too masculine - but there's the answer - add hot pink!
    What sort of marble do you think it is on the floor/bath hob? Thank you! x

  2. That is so incredibly gorgeous! Mx

  3. It's very pretty, but I don't think I could live with it, a bit too fussy for me!

  4. Not one of my favourite nooks or bathrooms for that matter A-M. A bit too much happening for my liking...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grey! Some of your other selections have been much better, at least as far as I'm concerned.

  5. There are some nice bits and pieces (i.e. the bath) but all in all I don't really like it. The room seems out of synch with what we have seen of the rest of the house. I like that there is a pendant light over the bath. When I tried to do that here I was told it is illegal.

  6. They certainly don't do things by halves there do they? There are little bits that I like if they were on there own. I have never been sure about the sofa/chaise in the bathroom.....I am not adventurous enough to sit on something like this nude...;-)

  7. Bit too much overall for me, but I will take the rug!

  8. Loving it! Beautiful drama! Have a lovely day xx

  9. Just astonishing, A-M. I can't imagine using such a haven on a daily basis. Wow! J x


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