Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Nook

A beautiful bathroom nook, by Tiffany Eastman Interiors, this morning.

Look at all that natural light... perfect for a 'makeup nook'. I love the marble and mirrored mix... and that glorious window.

So elegant!

Sort of reminds me of the glamorous bathroom I camped out in for a week on the Upper East Side in NYC. Oh heck, I try to make everything remind me of everything in NYC these days. Someone wears a T-shirt with a NYC logo and I go off with the NYC 'memory fairies'.

Gorgeous! Love the fluffy touch!

I'm off for lunch with some bloggy friends today.... and I won't feel a bit guilty lolling about leisurely lunching..... I worked all weekend! 

Happy Monday!

Images Courtesy Tiffany Eastman Interiors


  1. So beautiful - love the window!!

  2. Always great going out for lunch on a weekday!

  3. I would look MUCH MORE GROOMED if I had that dressing table - note I didn't say better because I would develop character defects, like vanity.

  4. Lovely! I love your Monday nooks - I don't always comment but I almost always come by to see and read!

  5. Just Beautiful! Hope you had a lovely lunch xx

  6. I just love Tiffany Eastman's work and that is one of my favourite bathrooms. I know it's old and we've seen it a thousand times, but I just can't get over my love of Imperial Trellis. Is it a trend that passe or is it a classic? I try to find newer versions, but nothing appeals to me as much. I want it in wallpaper and fabric and every time I see it, it reminds me how fab it is.

    1. Me neither Mel. I think it's a classic and will never date. I have to have it somewhere in my next home, even though it has been done to have Louis chairs but they are still a classic. A-M xx


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