Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Nook

Look at this gorgeous laundry! Oh the blue! How do I find a blue like that? I love the tapware... kitchen-ish. I am going to do that next time... kitchen taps in my laundry.

School holidays here. I'm putting him to work in the shed. #motheroftheyear

Happy Monday!



  1. I could go a laundry in that shade of blue too! The bathroom book in the background is lovely as well. Enjoy the holidays with your boy :) Kate x

  2. I agree! Such a lovely blue. Great to see colour happening. Fiona

  3. If you find out the shade of blue , please let us know.
    Always love a pretty laundry , mums deserve one !

  4. Lol! I need to get my two sloths to do some work!

  5. I was at the hospital today visiting my doctor (I'm pregnant :)) And the group of young doctors/medical students walked past and it made me think of your big son. I think your doing something wonderful for him by giving him the opportunity to go and experience the world so young. He's probably going to be the type to diving straight out of school into uni and then straight into his career. Often those people never get out and see the world. The good and the bad. Letting him go now isn't spoiling him it's enriching his world. You seem like a great mum and I'm sure he's appreciating his trip.
    Hope your not missing him to much,

  6. If a laundry could be beautiful this would be the one!!!!!!!

  7. Love the candlesticks and are those wine glasses? So decadent. Xxxx


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