Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Neck Of The Woods

Have been running a different route in the mornings... mixing it up a bit. 
Rumour has it that if you change your route often, it improves your memory power. 

It's been a great opportunity to peek over and through fences at some beautiful homes...

Most days, I catch the sunrise...

I pass these guys just as the sun hits the horizon.

If I head out later than the sun, I head to a beautiful park by the river.....

... where if you squint your eyes, you could be in Central Park.... sort of.... if you dismiss the kookaburra laughs and cockatoo screeches overhead.

There's a park bench right here, with this view. If I didn't have to be back home in a rush most days, I'd park myself here. I might even do that one morning.... come back and work from here.

I don't know about you, but today I am working!... and not here at home! I have had one of those weeks where it has been very difficult to get large blocks of time to work without being distracted, interrupted or needing to be elsewhere for appointments. I am craving a six hour block of uninterrupted work time... so I am heading to the shed... to meet some customers... and then I'll sit and work... in the Saturday morning peace and quiet. 

I have orders to pack, emails to reply to, invoices to pay. Today's the day!

Forgot to do my #exerciseshot for Katrina this morning too! .... talking too much as I have company on the weekends! Sorry love!

Have a great weekend!



  1. I have had a similar week A-M and I am ready to pull my hair out!! I will be catching up with things today as well. Hubby is taking our visitors out on his own today...big step! :) xx

  2. Hey, A-M, if you also squint your eyes at the horses in the pasture, you can pretend you're in Louisville, KY! Afterall, it IS the home of the famous Kentucy Derby!

  3. What a gorgeous way to start the day. I always love a peek over the fence at some beautiful houses x

  4. There are some lovely houses in your suburb. Thanks for sharing the photos on here. I admire your dedication to your running, I am so haphazard in my approach. Hope you have a productive day Fx

  5. There's some beautiful homes in your area - I love Queenslanders!

    Melissah from Coastal Style

  6. The last house you showed - I could love/live that! and the iris are glorious.

  7. Keep mixing up that running route, I am loving all these different houses.

  8. i need your energy, and quick
    Love that you are so committed to running every day

  9. The kookabuuras and cockatoos are just are also very special, different, but just as special as Central Park.

    Never doubt how lucky we are to live in such a gorgeous place.

  10. I know the mushroom coloured house. It used to belong to a friend of mine of the same name :-) Gorgeous house and beautiful landscaping. I wish they still lived there so I could walk through the garden again and steal some landscaping ideas.

  11. I know it's not the same thing, but here is a site full of LIVE web cameras from all over New York.
    Happy Weekend! Love, Heidi

  12. I just realized today that little one had a birthday a week ago. I only know this because he and my son are birthday twins, same day, month and year. Pretty COOL. Happy belated birthday, hope it was GREAT!!!! Heidi

  13. My turn to drool at your scenery shots. You and Instagram are good friends aren't you? How you manage to manipulate those photos is beyond me but oh how it makes me wish I were back in Brisbane going for a morning run with you. So beautiful!


  14. I know these houses in question. I believe the first house used to be a hospital. A cabbie told me he was born there! The brown house is beautiful. I looked at it when it was up for sale a few years back. It used to be tiny until the owners did an enormous Reno on it.


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