Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Office Before And After

Look at this beautiful office makeover that I found over at Emily A. Clark Interiors.


... during...

Isn't it gorgeous?!

A coat of paint, fabulously styled bookcases, a stunning pendant light, a beautiful lamp, a mix of old and new furniture, a rug .... and of course great bones, with decent crown moldings. 
I seriously love this room.

Check out the rest of Emily's gorgeous home over at her blog, HERE.

School holidays are in full swing here, but my little one is engrossed in a 3 day computer animation workshop, with Day 2 just about to start. That means I get another 2 days in which to get all my work done this week. I spent yesterday unpacking newly arrived pallets of my Custom Hamptons Pendant light #theglamour. I have heaps in stock now....well stocked for the next few months anyway!

Have a great day!



  1. I would LOVE a built in book case like this......I am making do with a wall of Ikea Billy bookcases.
    Not quite as stylish but just as much fun ;O)
    Have a great day!!!
    Tania xx

  2. AM, I seriously love this room but where are the electrical outlets? I work from home and have laptop, iphone, lamp cables (and I have a wireless printer so am least spared that). What are your tips for reducing cable clutter?

  3. Oh this is just what I need! Perfect inspiration. I am not sure where all of the cords and the printer would go either. Would have to have a little hidden nook for these. Hope the big boy is going ok on his adventure? xx

  4. Looks gorgeous but I do agree with a couple of the comments above, where does all the ugly stuff go? My office is full of cords and cables and external hard drives and stacks of CDs and a dirty great printer. It'd make a nice study or library though.

  5. Cord issue? Well I'd start with putting a power point in the centre of the room, in the floor, under the desk. Personally, I'd probably source a beautiful rattan basket, half the height of the desk, deep enough to hide the powerboard and associated cords in it... maybe cut a hole at the base of it to feed the cords through from the floor point? Off the top of my head, that's what I'd do. A-M xx

    1. I'd keep the basket off to the side but still under the desk, maybe under the pot plant, out of the the way of my feet. xx

  6. I love the dark paint at the back of the bookshelf!

  7. Hi A-M, I am having major Internet issues. I sent you a email last night but not sure if you will receive it. I am doing this on my iPhone . I saw your message in my comment box last night. I have a new email address


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