Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Remember That Kitchen? ....

... that I have been coveting... for my next house?

.. well I stumbled upon the whole house over at House Beautiful.

It's in San Francisco.

Check out the gold leaf accents.

They sort of got everything perfect....

...with Ralph Lauren furniture... and Mr Adler's cushions.

A black and white base with neutral textured accents.

Give. me. that. sofa.

A beautiful mix of old and modern.

How's that for a bathroom pendant light? ... a crystal ship chandelier!
Tiles are of course Ann Sacks, as are the splashback tiles in the kitchen.

Does it get any better than this? 
Oh Northern Hemisphere, I do love thee and all you have to offer architecturally.  

What's your favourite room? Mine's still the kitchen. I am so having a black island bench next time.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I'll walk past and knock, ask if I can look around on behalf of my friend A-M shall I?

  2. Seriously gorgeous........there is just something about what's behind a red front door. I love how there are unexpected twists in their decor decisions in each room.

  3. well......thanks for THAT!!!!
    I'm coveting those front glossy, red (my favourite colour) doors. and yes, i'll be over for that island!. I have a desperate kitchen and think all my troubles would be solved with a decent island, but I'm saving for Paris and can't have both...bother.
    I think I'd change the legs on that island slightly because it would annoy me to have to sweep around that little bit between the legs and the rest of the bench.
    HAve a lovely day, A-M

  4. That is a beautiful house, I love that chandelier, its stunning! Tricia take more photos if you get in!

  5. Amazing, the entire home is classy & elegant!

  6. what a dreamy house from the funky red front door screaming out 'look at me!!' to the interiors and yes, beautiful kitchen!! stunning inspiration!

  7. Love that house! Thank-you for the Tuesday morning inspiration. Kitchen is my favourite too.

  8. have you ever looked at this website http://www.horchow.com Its my fav and buy most of my furniture here
    Love this house too

  9. I was in San Fran last year and loved looking at all the beautiful homes. I was particularly taken with the way they all decorated their large front windows with beautiful vignettes, just like the gorgeous house in your post. You're so right about the homes in the Northern Hemisphere - they're beyond amazing!!


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