Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shout Out For A Friend

My friend Tricia, from Rough Linen, is a finalist in the 'Martha Stewart American Made Awards'! I know!!..... I know some pretty talented people!

Tricia creates the most beautiful bedding, curtains and napery from traditional woven linens.... that took her years to source.... and she makes them all herself... with such passion!

'I want to do everything myself, hands on. I love skill." Tricia

....and Tricia doesn't just stand by her gorgeous product, she sleeps in it!! See?!

Oh the glamour!

I would love you to help me support her by voting for her like crazy, right HERE... or just click below the badge below and it will also take you to the Martha site, where you can vote every day if you like. I am... voting every day. I am so proud of her! 


Tricia inspires me in so many ways. Her turn of phrase is just delicious....she is so eloquent. She has a wonderful outlook on life and she inspires me to live in the moment more.. and be grateful for the simplest of things.

"Once I find something which embodies the elemental, fitting quality I have been searching for, I am happy with it. It pleases me, and I don't want more.
I am deeply happy with things which are simple, timeless and good." Tricia

You can read her beautiful credo HERE. ... after you have voted HERE.
Rough Linen is HERE.
Yay, Tricia!

Happy Tuesday... and thank you for your support of my friend.

Images Courtesy Rough Linen


  1. I feel exhausted reading about this amazing person...ha I need to curl up in that amazing bedding next to her. Don't you just love people who get excited about stuff and who make special yet simple things...She sounds fabulous and I will definitely head on over and vote. xx

    1. Doesn't it look like heaven? Thanks for your vote Katherine. xxx

  2. I have just voted. Wow, her linen is absolutely scrumptious. I hope she wins. Have an excellent day. Deb

  3. I just voted too - love her linen - it has been on the wish list for awhile now - thinking that the summer bed just might be a goer - Christmas present perhaps?

  4. Hi Am
    I just voted for Tricia. Love her passion.
    I just wanted to say you inspired me this morning to open up my kitchen cupboards and get rid of another load of clutter. Laying in bed this morning thinking about your post yesterday I realize although I've got rid of a lot of stuff there's still alot more lurking I'll never use.SO OUT IT GOES.
    Kind Regards

  5. Thank you so much A-M, I am deeply touched!

    1. My son voted for you during his homework last night. Family affair! A-M xx

  6. hi A-M, her linen is beautiful. you are a good friend!
    I'll pop over and vote.
    cheers Fiona

  7. Beautiful stuff!! I have voted too :-) GOOD LUCK to her!!!!

  8. Wow, they are gorgeous, linen, ahhhh, love love, off to vote, love Posie

  9. The linen is beautiful - natural fibre and texture always wins with me. I laughed at the 4-poster bed in the top photo, kind of struck me as though it had built-in bug-zappers on the top of each post. Unrelated, I know, but funny.

  10. A-M just voted! I am a manchester addict... and this is just feeding that addiction..lovely natural stuff!

  11. I will definelty vote for her. I was a nominee for the Martha but didn't make it in the finalist, so this is great!!


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