Thursday, September 13, 2012

Speaking Of Fine Craftsmanship...

I want to do something like this off the main bedroom at the back of my next house, as it will be elevated with city views.

.... I tell you who'd be building my next home if I lived in Louisville, Kentucky! Stonecroft Homes. In a heartbeat. I stalk their instagram feed..... which never fails to stop my heart.

Beautiful homes in various stages of construction. Heck, I get excited when they post a concept drawing or a picture of a building at sarking stage! It's wonderful to follow their building projects on instagram you only ever really see the completed product on their website.

And I must say, I am most impressed with their lighting choices.....

.... not to mention their trim work!.... still heart....

.... and their beautiful kitchens!

They build some spectacularly grand homes, but this one is one of my favourites. Wooldridge Place. A custom home.

I love this design. This would be perfect for my block. I'd just flip it to the mirror image and continue the porch around the corner, as my block is a corner block. It would fit right in with the Brisbane character code and please our council no end!

Take a wander through it HERE, on their website. I wouldn't change a thing. I have mentally moved all my furniture in. Oh the daydreams! 

Their instagram feed is: @stonecrofthomes. Jason Black, I'm stalking you! ...... all the way from Australia..... and I think you know it! I'm the one who leaves the 'hyperventilating' comments.

Happy Thursday!



  1. its absolutely gorgeous, I want one in a pale blue with white trim :)

  2. So you are going to build it for yourself, right? Just mirror-image and a different hemisphere and with the lovely extended porch!

    1. I might have to enter into serious discussions with Mr Black! xx

  3. I love how they put powerpoints in the floor for your lamps. So obvious, and yet rarely seen here (at least by me).
    Thx A-M

  4. I do as I'm told and am now following on Instagram.

  5. Be still my heart..... !!!

  6. So lovely. I just showed a friend this link.... lots of oooohs and aaaahs... you would think we were panting over something far more naughty lol..

  7. This is divine and so inspirational. You would think that there would be some craftsmen in Australia that would like to try their hand at this gorgeousness.

  8. Oh very very nice. I would like one in soft grey with white trim. Lovely....

  9. Well, I'll be.... I just left Louisville, KY three weeks ago! I was only there for 4 days and while I did make a brief run through Norton Commons(one of their communities) and had breakfast at the famous Lynn's Paradise Cafe, I saw little else. Sure wish I could have toured one their homes to soak up the details that they appear to excel at! A thought just struck me: I cannot help but wonder what your newfound friend would think about all the joinery details! I hope he has begun to read your posts and lets you know his thoughts.

  10. Love the photos!! I took a look at the website but I will have to go back soon. I am having a giveaway from shabby apple if you would like to enter!

  11. Thank you
    I keep going back to this glorious home, you are a star xx

  12. Why is it so hard to get this type of home in Australia - in USA they seem to do do much still with timber etc but our builders seem to have a laminate & vinyl obsession.

  13. Why can't we get this type of home in Australia - ou builders seem obsessed with laminate & vinyl. We would have to pay millions for that craftsmanship

  14. How Gorgeous A.M would love it myself!! :))


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