Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Ponderings

If I was to pick a colour that says, 'happy', it would be this. 
Just lovely.

I love the idea of a black board at the front door! Hellooooooo!

We had a magical day at the Koala Park yesterday... apart from the heartbroken tears over the caged Kookaburra trying to be friends with a free Kookaburra. They couldn't get to each other, even though they tried and tried. Little one was so distressed about it all and wanted to speak to a ranger about getting the free one in, to keep the caged one company. Then there were mutterings of staging a jail break. He's like that. So different to his older brother. He's me.

I took a few photos of snake and koala hugging. They're over at instagram @thehouseofam. Katrina had to take my instagram widget off this here blog as it was evil and scheming and had serious bugs in it. So if your blog is playing up, check your instagram widget. Thank goodness for blog designers who know something about something! So hopefully you won't be redirected to spam sites anymore when you visit here. I'm moving to WordPress in a few weeks so there will be crickets here very soon. Hopefully everyone will follow me over there.

We heard from 'Japan boy' last night. His host family has checked them all in to a 'fancy' hotel, for the weekend. My boys love that word 'fancy'. They use it for everything.... "he drives a 'fancy' car, she was wearing 'fancy' clothes". Little one wrote back to say, "so glad everything is so 'fancy'". I laughed. He also wrote back, "I love you for all my tomorrows".... so poetic. My heart sort of skipped. He's missed him so much. So big son is in a 'fancy' hotel. He says he is chatting to the host children all the time, fluently Japanese. He says the father doesn't say much. He played Japanese soccer and took part in a traditional tea drinking ceremony and reckons he's going to start drinking tea when he gets home. Love it.

Love him. I am so grateful to have been able to give him this opportunity. I am so grateful. I think he is too. Experiences, education, manners, compassion, empathy, social conscience are what it's all about.... not things. 'The most important things in life are not things'. I think my boys get that. I hope they travel the world.

I'm waffling. Feeling pensive. Missing my boy. Psyching myself up for a run.

Have a great day!


  1. You couldn't give your boy anything better than opening that gate to the world, especially when he is young enough and entranced enough to go from learning Japanese to being fluent in what seems like a heartbeat. I hope he brings back packets of tea!

    Why keep a kookaburra in a cage? Wire cutters...

    1. For the Japanese tourists! Wire cutters were mentioned. xx

  2. I love that friendly entrance! Your boys will be amazing people, and crickey a kooka in a cage, thats just unaustralian!

  3. Beautiful bright, cheerful blue. The doorway makes my heart smile. It looks homely.

    Glad your son i still loving his trip away. What a wonderful start to a lifetime of exploring other cultures and other viewpoints

  4. My all time favourite colour and shade <3

    Glad to hear the boy is enjoying Japan.


  5. All fixed now more horrid spammy sites I am being redirected to!You must feel so proud of both your boys and you are right, a parent can ask for no more than for their children to have wonderful qualities than compassion, empathy and good manners. Have a wonderful day.
    Mrs B xxx

  6. HI A-m,
    Yes you are so right, things dont make a life.
    It's only the memories attached to the people who you give you the "things" or something you buy to remember a moment or person. These are the only "things" worth having.
    Glad your boys are having a great time and gaining "real" world life experieices.
    Warm wishes,
    Daryl x

  7. AM, agreed. I have a 21 year old boy and I have raised him with those values also. Experiences, education, manners, compassion, empathy and social conscience are wonderful values to live life by and I see them in my boy everyday. Even though he is a 'cool dude' with a cool job and doing a cool degree, he recently signed up for volunteer work with children (because he wants to give back, because he is like me and loves children, and also because he wants to live life to the full). I am so proud. We gave him a 3 month backpacking trip around the world for his 21st birthday present (no party) which he also saved for. He came home, via India, with no money, clothes, first aid kit etc. He gave all of his stuff away in India before he left (including electric razor, first aid stuff etc) as he could not in conscience have so much when others had so little. What money he did not give to street children he used to buy a small present for his Mum and Dad because he loves us. Even though my parenting days are not over, I do sit back and heave a sigh of relief as I can already see that the things I have worked so hard to instill in him are there, are part of his soul and he will live those values every day of his life.
    Well done to you too.

  8. I love reading your sweet words about your boys, I really do.

    On the house front, I dare say you've seen the nice Hamptons style home on King Arthur Avenue at Tennyson... the river side, between the bridge and the tennis centre. I do hope you have. It looks very similar to the house in your latest post, in terms of design, colours etc.

    Love the blog :-)


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