Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Win A $500 Masters Home Improvement Voucher For A Spring Room Makeover

As you know, I have jumped on this 'Spring Cleaning/Decluttering Bandwagon' with gusto. 

No corner of my little home has been spared.... pared down to within an inch of it's life!

Oh what a tangled web I wove.

Let's see how long this neatness will last.

Oh I was ruthless with my make-up drawer! 

Those 'minimalists' are right. You only need one of what you need. 
Seriously culled.

So when Masters Home Improvement asked me if I was up for a 'Spring Room Makeover' in my home, I jumped at the chance....an opportunity to 'refresh' an area of my home that seriously needs it. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say.

Thanks to Masters, I have been given vouchers to make over an area of my home! I know! Hooray! ... and I get to do it from my sofa and shop for it all online. 

As we are temporarily in our abode, until we move closer to the boys new schools next year, my makeover has to be portable.... so I chose my non existent outdoor area to 'refresh'. Bit of an easy 'before' shot ... as my outdoor area is sadly lacking .... well, actually, it's non existent ... as all my outdoor furniture stayed with 'The House' when it was sold.

My sweet little niece has been helping me decide what we should do about this area.
Love another girl's input. Not too many girls around here.

So I set myself my own brief ... makeover a little slab of tiled concrete, outside my dining area, where the stinky soccer boots go, when they're too bad to even leave in the garage ... and where the Eastern Brown snakes slither up along the side of the house to settle in under the hot water system. It has to be a  portable makeover ... everything has to be able to be relocated to my next 'little outdoor area'... which I have yet to meet!

I have been seriously stalking the Masters Website... which is growing by the day. Every time I head over there, there are new goodies. 

I'm so going to be using these somewhere, for sure. HERE.

... with these on top. HERE. 
Love a good Ligustrum Ball. Even better when they are not alive and you can't kill them!

Now, you know how I feel about THESE, as I have been scheming something with these since my Masters Fathers Day Post. They are the New Season stock, due in any day now. Yeah, I'm stalking. Kathy, from Masters Home Improvement, Tingalpa and I?... instant new best friends. She's going to let me know when they come in. I think they are timeless... I can see them in a French garden, on a Hamptons deck or even on a tiled concrete slab outside a Brisbane home in a snake ridden, leafy suburb!

Masters have New Season stock arriving daily, right up until Christmas. I so hope my coveted 'French' chairs weren't the last on the truck. 

Look, they even have little adirondacks for the kidlets HERE.  So cute! I digress. 

I'm also keen to fit a BBQ in this area too, somehow.... to ensure that we use our new space often.

This beauty is only $146....

...or should I get a Weber?
 Easier to tuck in a corner? Doesn't overwhelm the tiny space.
 Tell me.

But wait there's more! Here's the best bit! Masters are going to give one of my lucky readers a $500 voucher to do the very same.. makeover an area of their home with all the fabulous products from the Masters website. You can choose any room inside or outside your home.

All you have to do, to win a $500 Masters voucher, is leave a comment on this post in the comments section, stating your favourite pick/s from the Masters website, HERE, and how you would use that item/items to refresh the look of your home. Easy!

You can decorate your home with wallpaper, paint, carpet, rugs, floor, wall and ceiling lighting, cushions, joinery, outdoor furniture and even partitions from Masters. Masters has over 35,000 products in store and more than 15,000 of them are now online.... heaps to choose from!

Masters will draw a winner from a short list I pick from your entries. Entries close 5pm, 24th September.... and the following week, I'll share with you my little Masters Spring Makeover!

Have fun, good luck.... and Happy Spring!

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Masters Home Improvement
Terms and Conditions HERE


  1. Timber to finish off my front butterfly stairs, its only been four years!

  2. Wow how dod I spend over half an hour on their website. I had lots of favourites but I especially love the large Avenue pots and cute little bird ornaments as I am slowly making over my outdoor area but I also really liked the pop out pantry as a kitchen renovation is on the to do list as well. I love your choice of outdoor chairs - so much nicer than the big clunky outdoor chairs of the past and their garden benches are lovely too - very Scandinavian looking. Thank you for sharing

  3. Loving the kids' Adirondack chair, definitely in white!

  4. Ah that would be a a bunch of bathroom bits and pieces to get started on our second bathroom renovation :)
    Enjoy the rest of your week A-M :)
    Cas x

  5. Can't wait to see what you do out there. The brown snake thing was interesting. We only get blacks thank God.
    I hope you get some Frenchy chairs as well. They are gorgeous.

    I'm thinking of doing up my media room as I am in here so often. So I'm thinking mirrors and rugs.
    Perhaps the floating rectangle mirror or the modern rectangular mirror crisp white and the wool rug floral, black and white. There's so much over there on the Master Home Improvement site it's hard to decide.

  6. great post A-M except the snakes would have me moving to a high rise in no time. shudder.
    I am in desperate need for outdoor lights along the side of our house to our front door. people stumble up that path in the darkness! I need these outdoor lights I think http://www.masters.com.au/product/900040155/outdoor-wall-lantern-stainless-steel
    have a good day
    Fiona xx

  7. Gotta love a good hardware shop. Masters has just opened here and I haven't yet gone in...looks like it could be very dangerous.

    I desperately need to redo the walls in our Victorian farmhouse (haven't been done for over 8 years and are really looking tired). I'd start with a feature of the Victorian wallpaper on one wall in the lounge and repaint the rest. With 10 foot ceilings I'd do my $500 pretty darn quick.

  8. I would love some new rugs, some of mine are looking quite sad and need replacing, but I can never find any I like in our small town!

  9. What a fantastic giveaway, I've just been having a lovely time browsing the Masters website. I think I might like something for the inside of my place, maybe some of the pretty wallpaper they have, perhaps from the Laura Ashley range? Isodore caught my eye. I don't know, with $500 to spend there sure is a lot you could buy. Toni

  10. I would love the Del Terra Amosa Outdoor Sofa Set, somewhere to sit on the patio with friends & have a cuppa. It looks so comfortable and stylish, (fingers crossed).

  11. So many lovelies. We recently replaced our outdoor table as it got damaged in a storm in June but have yet to buy new chairs for it. I was eyeing off these lovelies. Simple but not too simple but DH is concerned the dog will steal the cushions. I do love those Romeo chairs that you posted about. HUbby has suggested the basic mesh chairs as per the mesh table below.
    padded chair:http://www.masters.com.au/product/900040262/del-terra-steel-cushioned-dining-chair-set-of-6
    wicker chair: http://www.masters.com.au/product/100460899/del-terra-wilson-outdoor-carver-chair

    We also have a brand new paved area that Hubby has just fined and we want a small table and chairs for this.
    I'm thinking the square mesh table for the small area and a couple of the chairs that match.
    basic chair http://www.masters.com.au/product/900040265/del-terra-dutton-mesh-stack-chair
    basic table: http://www.masters.com.au/product/900040264/del-terra-dutton-square-mesh-table-100x100cm

    We have this light on our garage and could so with more external lighting out the bac=k. But I do love that light that Fiona, LilyfieldLife posted the link to.
    current ones http://www.masters.com.au/product/900045832/crompton-35w-gu10-halogen-up-down-wall-light-240v

    How I would love a Masters voucher to put towards my shopping list.

    1. I am eyeing off those Del Terra mesh goodies too, if my others don't come in on time. I have seen them in real life. Great quality for the price! A-M xx

  12. Ooooh, I think the wicker sunlounges or the Saxon outdoor chairs would work here.

    For you place, yes go for the webber. It's iconic.


  13. What a great giveaway and just when I need it, busy refreshing teh house for a long visit from my MIL.
    I need new rugs and would love to buy:
    Creations 8022J Rug Regal Print 340 x 240cm
    or some outdoor furniture:
    Allibert Lago Table 165 x 98cm
    and matching chairs
    There is so much to choose from.
    Have a great day

  14. Love the webber! Agree with Kylie - they are iconic and perfect for a small but functional outdoor space.

    We have recently finished a huge internal renovation and our front yard is looking a bit neglected! (All those skip bins and tradies have ruined our garden, not to mention the paint rollers washed out with the hose which have left a lovely white patch!)

    I would use the $500 to pick up some bright flowering plants to bring a bit of spring to the outside of our house. Love the gorgeous peachy colour of these Marigolds http://www.masters.com.au/product/100122275/easy-colour-marigold-french-tangerine-6pk


  15. I'd love to give our outdoor area a make over too. We bought a lovely new bbq recently but there's no where to sit! Having moved from chilly Canberra earlier this year we have no out door furniture. I'd love to get the Del Terra Northwood Bench Set of 2 and some galvanised buckets to plant geraniums in to cheer up the space. Would also nab a few packs of Olsent 100 LED Bud Solar Light String's to make it really beautiful for evening entertaining.
    How fun to virtual shop like that!

  16. Hi A-M
    I spied your Aromatics in your organised make up drawer. That has been my favourite scent for over twenty years now.

    I would love to turn a spare bedroom into a craft room; they have some great cubby storage. And so many baskets and boxes to organise with in them - black and white; blue, red, water hyacinth - so many oiptions. Would be so practical and stylish too.

  17. Oh how lovely to have $500 to spend at Masters. I seem to be there most weekends wandering around for hours. Dreaming of gardening and decorating our new home.
    We move in on Friday and we have plans to buy the pizza oven from Masters. So a great outdoor meshy lounge would be perfect to sit around and wait for the pizzas to be ready. I love the Finlay Smith Saxon chair. Even better if i could get a lounge in it!.
    Maybe A_M you could come shopping with me and help me chose...

    Have a great day

    Pen x

  18. WOW! That would be so helpful in my home!! I'm looking to redo my laundry, so I'd definitely pick up the following:
    - Corinthian Interblind external door $405.00
    - Chris Clear Beads Pendant $39.97
    and then some paint to give it a fresh coat!

  19. I headed straight for all the shelving. I desperately need shelves in the laundry to get things up off the floor. You can't walk through without something being in the way. It would tidy up the whole area beautifully.


  20. Terrific Giveaway A-M! I'd love to win to refresh my parent's kitchen floor. The existing 50 year old lino has definitely seen better days; The 'Armstrong 1 Strip Armaus Spottedgum Timber Floor' would be perfect and transform the space!
    I look forward to seeing what you do with your outdoor space and think the webber is a great choice! x KL

  21. I would Love to give this to my parents who would be able to add the finishing touches to their house on Lake Somerset, They built it from plans they got form one of the magazines they bought in New York.
    I Would get for them the adirondacks for the Grand Babies and then i think they would choose Del Terra Amosa Outdoor Sofa Set to be able to sit and Skype their grand Kids in New York.
    thank you for the opportunity to try and make my parents have a special treat.
    I love your Blog and read it daily or when you post.

  22. This is a piece of serendipity for me. I spent over an hour on the weekend perusing the Masters website looking at storage solutions and gardening items that I couldn't squeeze into my budget. I think the ClosetMaid drawers and organisers could put my spring cleaning back on track. I also seriously desire a selection of plants for my very bare courtyard and the Finlay & Smith Lincoln Keuring outdoor furniture so I can enjoy my small garden.

  23. It hadn't occurred to me before A-M, yes, you are outnumbered! Good thing you have your niece!

    I love my Weber, just saying.

  24. http://www.masters.com.au/product/100467871/grandhall-pizza-oven - I've wanted one of these for ages, would be so perfect in our little alfresco over the coming Summer here in Perth!


  25. This is awesome! Our blower/vac died two weekends ago, and the leaves, dog hair and the like are getting to me. I would also love some chairs around the pool, haven't got anything yet and this is a must for kiddy supervision this Summer. Thanks A-M! x

  26. For the past few years I have watched my husband wince with each purchase of furniture, paint, decor, photo frame, plants etc etc that I make in an attempt to make our house a home. As it is coming together, although we still have a way to go I realise it is time to give my husband a chance at getting something he wants. For years he has wanted nothing more that to purchase a BBQ so he can get out and "grill" his Texas steaks and fajita's, but it is always put to the back of the list. I want him to have his enjoyment out of our house so for this reason my favourite pick on the Masters range would be the BBQ With Island Stainless Steel GTS. I know he has a dream of setting up a BBQ area, he has it maped out in his head, all he is waiting for is the BBQ. I would like to turn his dream into a reality for him, because he has let my dreams inside the house become a reality and for that I am truely thankful.

  27. This is neither sexy nor fabulous, but finding out it existed has changed my life. The Crompton Batten Fix lighting kit (hmm, can't paste link) means that, as a renter, I can have pretty ceiling lights!!!! Oh the gloom of ugly lights in a rental. I can add a sexy and fabulous shade to this and finally have a pretty hallway!!!!!

  28. I would definitely buy cabinetry, benchtops and tiles to finish off our hideous kitchen. We have managed to update the appliances but there is still alot to do. My plan is to knock out part of a wall, enlarge the pantry to a walk in and push it into the loungeroom a bit, install a floor to ceiling glassfront cabinet for glassware, etc, install a few new cabinets on the wall and retile the splashback. And replace the benchtops. I can't wait, it's taken 5 years to get this far!
    BTW, I went to Masters for the first time recently and loved it! Such a breath of fresh air (literally). The service was surprisingly great and the product range was huge - they even have wallpaper samples!

  29. Oh my gosh, where to begin... We purchases an almost 100 year old house we've got the interior almost done however the outdoors oh, it needs help in so many ways. This would be such a hugh help!!!!!!!! I'll start praying now. Thank you for the opportunity.

  30. We have jsut moved into our newly built home one week ago so a voucher for $500 from Masters would be a godsend.

    Especially out of the back sliding door in the outdoor room where at the moment (and I suspect for a very long time to come) it is dirt, rocks and mud. This is great for my two little boys who love to play in it, but not so good for Mummy trying to keep the new timber floors clean!

    I would spend $402 towards getting timber to build the deck and leave the other $98 for the faux wicker ice box to fill with beer and wine for when it is all finished. It is so stylish and a much better option than the old blue and white esky.

    Please please pick me and save my floors and sanity!

  31. Hi AM,
    We are in the process of finishing of our verandah that wraps around the front and side of our house. I have been looking for furnishings for this space and love the look of the Finlay-smith Milano Teak Outdoor Table and the bench seats that match.
    Cheers, Shaz

  32. What a Fabulous giveaway! I'm definately in need of one of their great new barbeques, nothing better on a summer afternoon than to fire up the barbie. Have an awesome day xx

  33. My 6 year old son misses the vegetable patch we had at our old house. Now that the weather is warming up, he talks about the new vegetable garden I have promised him EVERY DAY! We have the perfect north facing spot in our new "garden" (dirt and weeds!), we just need some help to bring it to life. I would purchase soil, a couple of the Summit Garden Beds, lattice, seeds and seedlings, a compost bin, the kids wheelbarrow and gardening set (for serious gardening!) and I am sure that while we are at Masters we would find other things we need for our vege patch. If there were any "funds" left over, I would buy the Del Terra Steel Folding Bistro Set so we could sit and have a nice cool drink while we admire all of the hard work we have put into our beautiful new vegetable garden!

    Thanks Masters and AM for the opportunity to enter.

    Long time follower, first time commenter, Bec!

  34. Hi AM, We have just decided to put in a swimming pool (we are getting Lloyd to do it, thanks to your great recommendation!) and so our outdoor area will definitely need an update. I've got my eye on a few pieces of the Masters outdoor range.....maybe one of the day beds?

    1. Lizzie Lou, you tell 'Lloydy' he owes me a free pool next time, due to all the referrals I have sent his way! I know about them all as I hear about them on the grapevine! And whatever you do, stay clear of his home brew wine! A-M xx

  35. I saw those little adirondacks at masters the other day and my heart skipped a beat, the adult version have been on my wish list for years and it now looks like my kiddies will get theirs first, so precious.

  36. Oooh, I'd love a Finlay & Smith Milano Teak Outdoor Bench. Perfect for my outdoor area! I also desperately need a Kids TeePee Playhouse for $25 because my littlest boy is having his first birthday party and its a cowboy theme...Giddy Up!!!

  37. With my husband being in Defence we move a lot - in December we will move to our sixth home in seven years. I have only seen a few photos of our new home and shock horror... cream carpet everywhere! With messy six year old twins and an eight month old who loves to try and feed himself, I'm predicting those carpets won't stay cream for long. If I won the Masters voucher I would be getting myself down to my local Masters toot sweet to invest in some lovely big rugs. I would also invest in some of their beautiful outdoor furniture (how lovely are those Adirondack chairs and the children's circular picnic table!) and some of the fantastic items from the outdoor fun range to try and keep the kiddies occupied outside, away from that cream carpet!

  38. Hi AM - I have never really seen anything about Masters before, but just spent the last half an hour in the outdoor section. We are "making it work" in our truly tiny house with 4 of us at the moment and to be able to furnish an outdoor area in time for summer - well it would more than double our living area. The bonus would be that the Finlay and smith extension table which is beautiful - would be so perfect for everyday, but it might also mean that this year could be the first for our family to have christmas at our house! which I would love and would be such a bonus for our 1 and 3 year old. I also saw a great ceiling fan which just plugs into a power point, in stainless steel. Great to be able to keep it cool without the expense of an electrician. - Masters - who knew they sell such great stuff?

  39. Oh my! We really need to utilise our outside are but it's so hot in summer without shade so the first thing would be a huge umbrella with stand. Next maybe a Weber, a lounge, some storage, and the Del Terra Bistro 3 Piece Set Yellow (for our front courtyard). Or maybe just an umbrella with stand and kids toys/furniture. So many choices!!!!

  40. Oh my, a hardware store online, in AUSTRALIA!! My seven kiddies would be thrilled if I picked a dishwasher (love that Masters provided all the stats too so I could measure my space and triple check the fit) BUT mumma would rather wash the dishes herself it it meant being able to buy some of those gorgeous lights. Gorg!

  41. Oh so many lovely things to choose from. I am torn. I need/want some outdoor furniture for the old girl and like the look of the Del Terra Amosa outdoor furniture. But on a very practical note, we are just starting to landscape and have a raised vege garden so seeds and gardening paraphernalia would also be great. Too many choices. Thanks A-M xx

  42. Hi AM there are so many great ideas here on how to spend that voucher, I'm loving that organised tray with all your accessories, I have embraced de-cluttering here too, I'm still going.x

  43. Entry for Leisa Flanigan: If I won the $500 masters voucher if would choose the Nevada outdoor lounge setting for $498 as our outdoor area is very sad, if we had a gorgeous setting like this out there I'm sure it would get used. The masters website has sooo many items it was hard to choose.Thank you to you and masters for this opportunity, I have my fingers and toes crossed.
    Kind regards Leisa Flanigan

  44. Entry for Zan Ellis, via email: I would love to win the $500 gift certificate for my Fiance as it's his birthday soon and we have a very skimpy birthday budget this year as we are trying to save every penny for a deposit for our first home. He loves visiting Masters and we seem to find ourselves window shopping there alot lately. I'm pretty sure if he won such a certificate he would spend it in the building and tools section - he loves tools and I love him. So, if you could please help me by advising how I can get an entry into your competition I would really really apreciate it. Thank you so much, Zan Ellis

  45. So many goodies! I can could go nuts with a $500 voucher! I can't choose a favourite item, so I've picked three. I love the ClosetMaid Stackable 9 Cube Organiser, white for my darling son's room and espresso for the lounge room. A couple of the ClosetMaid Fabric Drawers to finish the look. Second choice would be the Home Zone Willow Laundry and Storage Basket Set 5pc I love the crisp white look of them and they would make doing laundry that little more organised and dare I say it, enjoyable. My third choice would be the Dante Shag rug, the red and black just screams to me. We do not own a home yet and will be renting for the forseeable future, but a $500 voucher would help make our house into a home

  46. Love your work with the decluttering. Your jewellery organisation is supreme.

    I'd go for the charcoal awnings for the new house - very nosy neighbours. Would love to see their faces when they realised they couldn't sticky beak to their heart's content.

    But then again, some lovely new pots to decorate my patio for the upcoming wedding would be fab too. Decisions, decisions...

    TDM xxx

  47. A fisher and Parker dishwasher would be this mummas godsend!!!

  48. Oh wow A-M....... thanks so much.

    I would snap up the Plain Solid Wool Rug Linen Extra 340x240 or maybe the Del Terra Avners Outdoor Bench or Del Terra Planters...

    Throw in an Adirondack Chair or two and I'd be a happy vegiemite faaaa sure!!!!!

  49. Love the hands on hips!

    I absolutely need those Finlay & Smith Romeo Armchairs and that handy Outdoor Extension Table to match. It would give my outdoor space a much needed lift. Loving your ideas too A-M. You will have lots of fun with that.

  50. We're about to embark on a mini pool areq makeover and the bistro set is Gorgeous....
    Oh and the Adirondacks are so hamptonish too.
    So much to choose from.Thanks for the chance..xx

  51. Hi A-M,

    So much to choose from, especially for decorating & putting the finishing touches to a room. After browsing & dreaming about what I could spend it on...oh so many things, I decided that if I won I would make the $500 gift voucher stretch by buying building materials to build a pergola over the BBQ area, stain to freshen up the deck & paint to paint the new pergola. Thanks A-M & Masters for this opportunity. Jodi

  52. How good is the Masters website? I love a website that has "recently viewed items". We are hoping to replace our entire verandah to match the new external paintjob. I would love to have a beautiful day bed as a retreat, much like this pod day bed:



  53. HI A-M, great to know that the Del Terra mesh table and chairs are good quality. I've plans to pop into a Masters Store when I get up to the city in 2 weeks time to check them out for myself. Then it will be time to start scheming my next ute to the big smoke trip I suspect.

  54. ... well I think I'd go for the finlay and smith outdoor teak table for extra guests ..and some matching bench seats.... have to check out our masters building to see when they're going to open now... god to have some competition with Bunnings !

  55. After buying a new home in May this year I will be heading to the paint section at Masters for some colour. I love the union jack canvas for my son's room - might have to get that tomorrow. The finlay daybed would be perfect for the verandah alongside a new BBQ for Queensland entertaining over summer. Thanks A-M

  56. I could go crazy in this shop. Will definitely visiy and check it out. Mxxx

  57. Ohhh - my kind of shop.Step aside Bunnings - these guys are the bomb!

    I'm lusting after a decent outdoor table - and it looks as if there are at least three that would hit the spot. We need narrow and long to fit on the verandah on the country. The one we have now isn't long enough - and each weekend we have a houseful. Even in winter when the sun is out we sit out there as it is such a divine sheltered spot - winter lunches outdoors are one of my favourite meals! Am heading to the one in Canberra as soon as the holidays start ... like tomorrow!!!!!!

  58. Hmmm, well this is hard!

    Whilst I'm pining for a new Masters Kitchen (with Ice Snow Caeserstone tops and handleless cupboards), I would spend a spare $500.00 on a total makeover of my back courtyard.

    Living in a townhouse, the rear courtyard is a little cramped and hasn't been taken care of by previous owners.

    I would head to Masters to pick up some timber to deck the entire area (fairly small). Would then dress it up with 2 of the large saxony pots, some potting mix and 2 japanese sago cycas palms.

    With whatever funds were left would go towards one of the Finlay & Smith Nouveau Teak Bench seats. A nice and easy maintainable and functional rear courtyard (to read a magazine or my favourite blogs like this one on the ipad) : ) Jourdan

  59. What a great giveaway! I have been stalking their website since your Fathers Day post introduced me to them! I would love 2 of the kids adirondacks in white. They would be perfect sitting outside my girls cubby house. I would also love any of the outdoor tables, but especially the Finlay & Smith Admiral table

  60. Love the Finlay & Smith Super Pod Chair!! Look great out on our deck. And maybe the weber baby Q too. After 10 years of renting we are weeks away from moving into our first home which we build. It's a blank canvas for us. The pod chair will really set the style of the look, modern with some beach house charm.

  61. LOVE, LOVE LOVE the Finlay & Smith Super Pod Chair! And maybe a Weber baby Q too! After 10 years of renting, my husband and I are weeks away from moving into our first home which we built! It's a blank canvas and the Pod chair will really set the style of our new deck! Modern with beachy charm! What a great comp, Thank you!

  62. Shopping at Masters is too good to refuse,
    Such choice on your website, its so hard to choose.

    But the Romeo setting I thee covet
    Please come to my home, I'll be your Juliet!

    Some fencing too will make my backyard complete
    Its uglier than a stepsister, so it's no easy feat.

    And now we have Masters right here in Perth,
    So my house and backyard can be the prettiest on Earth.

  63. I love Masters - somehow the bill always seems lower than you expect (whereas at Bunnings I continually leave scratching my head as I can't believe what I've just spent!) Yay for some much needed competition! I would definitely go nuts in the garden and outdoor section - my little backyard is currently more like a jungle, and is in desparate need of a makeover! Some pavers, new plants, a compost bin and folding clothesline for a start :)

  64. I have 2 sons just like you A-M and I love them to bits! But the hardest part of loving them is the letting go when they grow up and leave the nest. I am so proud of the wonderful men they have become but I miss their presence in our home every single day. Son number 2 has just moved into an apartment on his own and I have to sit on my hands to stop ringing him! He has a very small coveted outdoor deck which is a rare thing for apartment dwellers in Melbourne. I know exactly what I would choose from Masters for this space - I can just see him and his work colleagues and friends relaxing in the sunshine as they share a drink and talk about their week.... BUT I know that the best thing I can do as a mum is give him the space to make his own choices. And I am confident that anything he chooses from the Masters outdoor living range will look super and gives lots of enjoyment. What more could a mum want!

  65. I would love to choose these items for my Mum and Dad who are now Grandparents to 3 beautiful grandchildren. A new outdoor setting would definately be in order and the Del Terra range is beautiful. I'm thinking the Steel cushioned set of six dining chairs with the Del terra steel glass outdoor table. And it wouldn't be complete without the Del Terra Avners outdoor bench for the 3 little ones to watch Pop cook on the BBQ, all the while knowing that their toys are in the storage drawers beneath them. Rochelle x

  66. I love love love the Santorini 2 seater wicker lounge, and think it would be perfect for our deck space. And i also had my eye on some outdoor lights- a wall lantern or two for our entrance, and of course the adirondacks for our 4 kids would be perfect (the "maintenance free" mention really appealed!)

  67. Thanks for the opportunity A-M, I stopped at $519.00 but could keep going without any effort! I need to corral a couple of garden beds, so 6x treated pine sleepers @$9.50 then it's a matter of the tools to help me renovate and restore rooms in my home; Bosch PCM 1800 mitre saw $276 and Bosch 1500w Circular saw PKS 060332A141 $118.00 and then to help me move things about a Stanley stairclimber trolley 200kg $68.90. I have so many plans but need the tools to help me make my dreams come true ;0)

  68. I love Masters so much my husband refuses to take me there anymore as I always find something that I just HAVE to have! I've got him fooled though now I just shop online!
    My list could go on and on but what I am seriously coveting from Master right now is the Finlay and Smith Kopipi 4 piece lounge setting. Like you AM we are in our current house temporarily and I have the perfect empty outdoor undercover area by the pool for it.
    I can picture myself stretched out relaxing reading a book with a cup of tea watching the kids in the pool this summer!

  69. My garden is dull and boring,
    It’s lifeless and in great despair,
    Some new accessories would liven it up,
    And give it panache and flair!
    With the fabulous voucher from Masters
    I'd buy solar lights, candles, bug zapper,
    Garden tools to keep the area maintained,
    And keep the backyard looking dapper!

  70. I would buy two of the room dividers, one for each of by beautiful, messy, annoyingly untidy kids. I would throw all the junk they have in their rooms behind the dividers and feel happy that at least I can't SEE the mess anymore!
    kim m

  71. I would buy two room dividers, one for each of my beautiful, messy, annoyingly untidy kids. I would go into their room's, and throw all of their mess into the corner? I would then put one of these great room dividers in front of the mess, and walk away knowing that at least I won't have to SEE the mess anymore!

  72. Definiately go the Weber...you will never cook a roast in the oven again (of course there are tricks to know so if you go the Weber I am happy to share our knowledge!)
    $500 from Masters...mmmmm...paint and lighting and various other pretties for our outdoor area would be on the list!

  73. A-M-
    Love to have a larger table for outdoor dinner parties.
    Really love that Panthera rectangular table.
    Love love love all your organizing and arranging!
    Hope you are well~

  74. My husbands man-cave is no more now that we are expecting bubba 2. The man cave needs to become a study/playroom, with that in mind, we have to start from scratch! I would love some Closet Maid Cube organisers along with draws for toy storage. Some Floating Wall Shelves for storage above the desk, as well as some coloured Mountable Storage Cubes.

  75. Where does one start............ after browsing on the Masters website last night for 2 hours , I finally narrowed it down.
    We have a 3/4 renovated home & have just recently had to close down our business , so finishing some must do projects over starting new ones is the priority. It would take off some of the pressure thats for sure !
    I would finish the powder room makeover & choose the following : Virtue vessel basin $149 , Milenko Palco High Basin Mixer Tap $159 , Floating rectangle Mirror 90 x 60cm $149 & a beautiful Laura Ashley Wallpaper $67.97 ( either Summer Palace Duck Egg , Tatton Duck Egg , Dratcroft Stripe duck egg or Isodore Duck Egg ) .
    This would finish & create a pretty & elegant powder room, a real spring makeover for us.
    We already have from Masters' Dorset Tapware' in our shower and will carry that through the rest off the bathroom on the bath & vanity when they eventually go in.
    I must share some off my other finds on my browsing last night. First I was thinking of how to finish off our undercover patio.
    I was looking at outdoor chairs started writing down my favourites , way too many to beauties & styles to choose from ! Generally though the Finlay & Smith ranges & Del Terras were hard to go past. If I had of been trying to do the patio with a $500 budget I would have choosen the Del Terra Steel Cushioned Dining Chair Set of 6 only $280 !! & I would have painted our existing timber table with a glossy Dulux paint , maybe the Jericho Wall art 79cm $49 or used the rest of the money for planters & plants to finish off.
    I saw gorgeous A-lign fencing panels with posts & capping & timber gates for the side of our house & to pretty up our raised vegie garden I would use either the lattice garden or Emsco black french edging. Oh & how could I forget the pizza oven , I imagined starting weekly pizza nights inviting over family & friends to put together there own pizzas............
    I could go on with talk of pressure cleaners, pavers , blinds & awnings but I must stop there. Im taking a trip to Masters today to check out all my finds.
    Thankyou A-M & Masters for the dream today
    A-M go the weber , maybe even the larger one. Dont need to use the oven for roasting meat anymore !

  76. I have a bunch of stuff already bookmarked from Masters for projects that I want to do, but the first thing I'm doing is buying this wallpaper http://www.masters.com.au/product/900028622/opera-sophia-stripe-teal and some matching paint and updating a bookcase that I made about 15 years ago that now lives in my boy's room.

  77. My wish would come true
    And a room would be complete
    Shannon would be thrilled
    That her room would be so neat
    Ever grateful
    Really thankful
    Such a great prize

  78. I would love to do justice to a beautiful striped archair chair I have in a little "nook" at the top of our internal stairs.
    A little bit of bling for my girls.
    Some pretty paper for the walls.


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a comment. I love hearing from you. A-M xx