Saturday, October 13, 2012

Checking In

Sorry the blog posts have been few and far between these last couple of weeks. You know how they say, "something's gotta give", when you work and mother and housework (rather badly) and work and work?... well my poor blog has been quietly tending to itself while we have been settling back into the school/work routine. I think I have my act together now and over the next week or so will be moving everything here over to my new Wordpress site that Katrina has kindly set up for me. I also believe in the saying, "if you don't have anything to say, don't say it".. is that a saying? It is now. Between work and school, there's been not much interesting stuff to say.... it's just been school lunches and #mylifeinthecar and work and shed and couriers and boxes (my life is boxes) and emails and piano lessons and emergency school shirt ironing... you know the drum.

What do you do when you don't have the time to blog?..... when you get so busy and focussed you forget to even smile until someone smiles at you? I love the idea that Karen, from 'The Art Of Doing Stuff', came up with, as she needed some time away from her blog to get stuff done. She got her blog readers to write a story, starting with, "It was a dark and stormy night......". Head on over there for some great Saturday morning reading. It's hilarious! Her readers have a great collective sense of humour! Can't wait to see how it ends.... or it might never! HERE.

Happy Saturday! We're doing Michel Thomas' family French lessons this morning....we've got 9 weeks to get fluent... all of us, especially little peanut allergy boy... he has to be super diligent in another language.... and country. We're off on a big adventure. Tell you all about it soon.



  1. My mother taught each of us to iron a shirt and make an omelette, and solemnly told the boys it would save them from an improvident marriage because they knew how to be independent. I did the same with my boys, they are both single: maybe it can go too far.

  2. Oh ur not!
    Are you?
    Not again!
    Oh you lucky duck!
    A 9 week course...wonder if they have that down here for when we go over. I'd just like to know the top ten things you're most likely need to say. Eg where are the toilets?

    1. Yeah, the house build can wait. You make your own luck.You too can sell your house and put your life in storage and rent so you can travel! We need to get a few spectacular life experiences under our belt as a family again. Life is short. My boys are at that perfect age to do this. Courses? on Mr Thomas' link.. all you need is 8 hours. xxxx

  3. You DO make your own luck, your right there! Enjoy your course...the journey is half the fun! Thx for the link. By the time I'm ready to book accommodation u may have some suggestions for family friendly spots. XxxHelen

  4. Qu'est-ce que j'entends? un autre voyage? sonne fanastic!
    A little practice before you go, and it will fine, most french speak english well, i will check that link, Bonne fin de semaine!

  5. Ahh French lessons... ;)

    Karen never fails to crack me up...have a great weekend.

  6. You will have a ball whether your French is perfect or not.
    I hope that you have a wonderful holiday in my adopted homeland!

  7. Good for you! What a joy to be going again with the whole family! Am very excited for you A-M!
    x KL

  8. Too exciting!! I love that you have prioritised living in the moment for a while. What a wonderful shared experience for you.

    Happy travel planning x

  9. Tell me all about this new adventure!!! I'm dying. It was a good football game today - even if we didn't win. Thanks for checking in with me, i know how busy you get!


  10. Good luck with the French... sounds very exciting A-M???
    As for blogging... I am always surprised about how much there is to say!
    Have a great week... xv


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