Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Think It's Time...

.. for me to have a sale or something... clear some stock.

I couldn't get into my shed yesterday morning. I had to breathe in to get to my desk... and I am calling myself a minimalist these days!... a declutterer!

It's a tricky business, this lighting business. Stock is so scarce....when it appears, you have to pounce... and stockpile. It's feast or famine. There is never enough stock... for long enough. Those beautiful Glass Bell Pendant lights that stopped my heart a few weeks ago, I sold the lot and then the next lot and the next and now I have to wait until April 2013 for the next lot. What???? How can this be? This is the 21st century. I'm a bit sad about the eternal scarcity of stock, in this lighting wasteland we call Australia.

In brighter news, I sourced these beauties for a client today. I am embracing the industrial aesthetic more and more these days. It is all the rage over at the centre of the universe (New York).... and I was informed by a New Yorker, that 'Hamptons style' to a New Yorker, means clean, modern lines with industrial accents.... not the 'Leave It To Beaver' house that we all eternally drool over. Who knew we had it all so wrong? He was quite amused by the way we Aussies define 'Hamptons style', incredulous actually. It made for a very interesting breakfast-in-the-garden, round-table, group discussion at our bed and breakfast in Southampton. Definition of 'Hamptons Style'?... well it depends on your country of origin. Those who live and holiday in the Hamptons think differently!

I rather loved these too. For a stairwell .... or hanging over a dining table from a scissor trussed roof. Splendid.

I have been seriously loving this boy to death, while his brother is away eating REAL, authentic, made--in-Japan sushi. The Japan email last night stated that he had experienced 'true heaven on earth', having eaten at a real Japanese sushi train. Hope he took photos.

Meanwhile back in the real world, life continues. 
Does anyone else have a 10 year old who still begs to ride in the trolley and get buried in groceries?

We've been keeping busy.... to keep our mind off our absent brother/best friend/right arm .... 
.....visiting animal parks...

.... hugging things...

.....befriending things, 'lizard-whisperer' style....

Meanwhile, the due date for my Masters makeover reveal has been extended.
 Next week I get to show you. 
It's all finished. I'm living in it, blogging in it and generally lapping it up now! 

The 'before' was pretty bleak.

One more sleep until my big boy is home safe ... and different. 
He won't be the same... now that he has taken a bite of the world. 
You're never the same, once you've travelled.
And that's such a good thing.

Happy Wednesday!
PS. I'll let you know about that sale.


  1. So the mags that feature the houses we all drool over that are supposed to be Hampton style are really just a generic home that we all love?
    What's in that huge box? Love the lights.

    1. A monstrous big triple light for over a kitchen island bench. xx

  2. You let K hold a snake! Look at him in all his glory!!!! hahaha!!

  3. Lovely post. Love your wisdom and you seem like such a nice mum.

  4. Look at your little boy with the snake, funny how boys just love things like that. Cant wait for the sale and the big makeover reveal. We have a giveaway over on our blog you might like to check out!

    Have a nice day. xT

  5. Yes the beautiful glass bell pendant lights I discovered my self last night we're ' SOLD OUT' . I had thought they would be the perfect finish to my little powder room . Oh well back to the drawing board. That will teach me to pronasticate !!
    As for Hamptons style I would be lucky on the Gold Coast to walk into a tile / lighting / bathroom store that has even heard of Hamptons Style let alone the definition of it.
    Love the days out you are having with little son , I find holidays so much easier than school hours. I expect my 6 year old will still want to sit in the trolley when he's 10 the way he is going. He either wants to ride on the side of it or has to sit in it. On the plus side , it's a money saver as the trolley is already half full before you even start.
    Enjoy the countdown to big son returning , it sounds like he has had an amazing experience.
    Karyn x

  6. Any item which comes out of your shed is amazing.

  7. Love those lights - sigh if we only lived closer (and I had a house to put them in) - I would be your biggest customer! I can't wait for big son's return. Isn't travel just an amazing thing? Have a lovely week A-M!


  8. OMG!!!! that shot of your boy holding the koala bear is too cute. I didn't realize how tame they are. All of our wild animals head for the hills when they see humans unless they have rabies. Is there rabies in Australia? Love your posts, thank you so much for them. Love, Heidi

  9. OMG I almost died looking at that snake. Especially since I'd just looked at the cuddly pic of the koala. OMG!


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