Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Nook

Bit late to the party this morning. It's a public holiday here. I WAS the last to know. I had a big day planned but now I have no-one to pick up my orders so I am staying home. The joys of self don't get paid holidays. Actually you don't get any pay if you don't work. Funny that.

So for my Monday Nook today, I thought a pool nook would be nice. Isn't this beautiful? I am assuming this is the back of the house. This is what I love about Northern Hemisphere homes (I generalise of course)... they pay as much attention to the back elevation aesthetic as the front. Sometimes the back is even more beautiful as it backs on to a lake or a beach.

Sigh. Love the pavers and the pool furniture..... and the whole damn house!

3 more sleeps until my boy gets home. He emailed last night. His host family gave him Macaroni Cheese for dinner last night. It obviously made an impact as that was pretty much all he wrote about. He also said he had a huge story to tell that he can't write about in an email. My mind went wild. I hope they are treating him well.... fret, fret. He has tried to call via Skype but it is not working for some reason. What's with Japan and Skype?

Anyway, I have decided to sort and file today and maybe do some ironing #riveting
So glad I didn't book the weekend away down at the beach as originally planned. It's raining.

Over and out.

Happy Monday!



  1. Oh what a gorgeous place...hmmm wonder what the big story is!!

  2. So serene ......Story is a mystery!!

  3. Love the paving too! Just starting to plan our pool area, so daunting, at the moment it's all brick! On the ground and even a 6 ft brick fence surrounding it! Thinking of rendering it for that Mediterranean look maybe? We think our house was built by a brickie as even our kitchen island bench is made of bricks! Or was I should say as the builder Is knocking it out as we speak!

  4. I want a place like that! I saw a photo (on Instagram) from Jools & Jamie Oliver's house, OH MY! GORGEOUS!!!!!! I am guessing your boy isn't in the middle of the Japan typhoon? A friend of mine who's 15 year old son is over there is right in the very middle of it. The teacher has reassured his mum he's just I hope your young man isn't anywhere near it. I guess you would have said. Glad he got Mac N Cheese! :) How awesome is that, so far from home! XO

  5. I've found Skype generally awful all round. Skype to Afghanistan was no good but I'd expect to Japan it would be a little better. Taking balloons to the airport to welcome your big boy home?


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